Last week you witnessed the face of tyranny with the way the Democrats treated Judge Kavanaugh.  It was a disgrace how he was treated.  Now you understand how important it is that you vote in the midterm election.  If you want the presumption of innocence to remain as the foundation of our country’s legal system then we must not let the Democrats take control of the House and Senate.

What you saw the Democrats do last week is exactly what happens in China, Cuba, and Venezuela.  People are accused of misconduct, slandered publicly, and are assumed guilty.  They must prove their innocence while their accusers are helped financially and legally by whatever powers are in play.    In this case it is the Democratic Party versus Kavanaugh.  Again, the Democrats do not want a Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court.  Look at what I wrote previously before the hearings.

Why you ask me?  Well because they know they cannot get their agenda voted into existence at the ballot box.  The voters in this country believe in freedom and liberty and the Democratic Party wants to take them away from us.  This is why they are so desperate to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed because they know it will be much more difficult to get their socialist agenda implemented via the courts, and bypassing the voters.

You must understand the dream of the new Democratic Party is to replace our current form of government with communism and complete government control and regulation of all aspects of our lives and our industries.  If you want a look ahead at what they have in mind look at California where Governor Jerry Brown just raised the age to 21 for a person to purchase a shotgun or a rifle.  This is just the beginning.  There were other statutes that he refused to sign but have no fear they will be signed in the future.  You see, they will slowly take away your rights and freedoms a little at a time and before you know it, we are just like Venezuela.   This is why stacking the deck in the courts with liberal judges is so vital to the Democrats.

You say okay Don, I really believe comparing the U.S. to Venezuela is a little over the top.  You think so?  Do you think the average Venezuelan citizen thought they would ever be where they are now 15 years ago?  I can assure you they did not.  As I said earlier, it will not happen overnight because converting to communism is like a slow poison; it is slow but eventually fatal.

Voting and voting Republican in the midterms is imperative for the continuance of our way of life.  I know you say isn’t that just a little over dramatic?  I say, no it is not.  How can you not be fearful of what you witnessed with the treatment of Judge Kavanaugh?  What if that was you instead of Kavanaugh?

Do you see how the Democrats weaponized the FBI and the Justice Department during the Presidential election? Do you understand how dangerous that is?  The Democrats want to destroy our Constitution and overhaul our justice system essentially making the justice system a part of the legislative branch of government.  I cannot emphasize enough the danger of this should it happen.

Some of us voted for Donald Trump, enough of us did so that he won the election.  President Trump has done what he said he would do in spite of a horribly negative biased press toward him and a completely obstructionist Democratic Party.  The Democrats hate him because he fights back and hits as hard as they do and they cannot control him because his base completely backs him.  They also hate him because he needs nobody’s money.  He is not beholden to anybody as many politicians are who want to stay in office.  President Trump walks the talk and I appreciate that.

I say these things because the first thing the Democrats will try and do if they get power is to impeach Donald Trump.  They will do everything they can to impeach him.  The Democrats will take our money away by removing the tax cuts we just got as well.

The bottom line is this, if you want to stop the forward progress we have made as a country with more jobs and a vibrant economy then allow the Democrats to take control and watch what happens.  It will be a nightmare for our country and another dose of slow poison toward the path of communism and the death of our democracy.