The 2018 midterms are monumental in importance.  I know it is not a Presidential election year but do not underestimate the urgency that is ahead of us in insuring that the Republicans hold the House and Senate.

We now see the true colors of the Democratic Party.  They are no longer trying to hide the fact that they are Socialist and want to turn America into a Socialist country.  They embrace leaders such as Stalin, Lenin, Castro, and now Maduro in Venezuela.  The Democratic Party wants to turn America into another Russia or Cuba.  I cannot believe this has what this Party has evolved in to.

If you have any knowledge of history at all you must understand what is at stake here.  Our very way of life will be severely altered if the Democrats return to power.  They will only increase their efforts to remove President Trump from office.  They will most assuredly do everything they can to take back your tax reductions passed last year by the President and the Republicans.  They will begin to secretly implement their Socialist agenda into our country.  They will first silence the press and journalist that are against them.  They will restrict the internet to only show false positive narratives about socialism.  The effort to confiscate your firearms will only increase.  Why is gun control such a big deal for the Democrats?  I will tell you that they are using gun violence to mask their true mission which is to disarm the citizenry of America.  Citizens with no weapons cannot resist tyranny.  Look at Venezuela, Mexico, China, and Cuba if you want examples.

I was speaking with an intelligent person recently and we were talking about how the Democrats are coming out as pure Socialist.  I told him that I was worried that someday America would be another Venezuela.  He said “Oh they won’t go that far.”  I said “I’ll bet that is this exactly what the Venezuelan’s were saying ten years ago and look at them now as they flee their country because they are starving.”  What you must understand is that once you lose freedom and power becomes too centralized you never get it back or if you do it will be at the cost of many lives.

If you understand this, you should be very fearful.  Knowing this it is imperative you vote, and get all your neighbors to vote Republican or conservative.  I know, I know they are far from perfect but they do believe in freedom and capitalism.  They do believe in the individual and the fact that if an individual is innovative and creative and brings something to the marketplace that we all enjoy they should be rewarded for it.

I hope people read this and understand the importance of their vote.  We must protect our freedom from this threat and the best way to do that is at the ballot box.  God Bless America.