Brett Kavanaugh is a Constitutionalist Jurist.  He has stated many times that it is not his job to legislate from the bench.  He has stated many times that it is the job of the legislative branch of government to write and vote to pass laws or not.  He is exactly correct.

We have far too many judges who like to dictate legislation from the bench.  This is not what our forefathers had in mind and that is why they designed our government with separation of powers.  The judicial branch is to make sure that no policy or law implemented by either the executive or legislative branch is in violation of the Constitution.  Period.

Remember, Federal Judges are appointed for life and are not elected; therefore if a liberal politician appoints a liberal judge, we are stuck with that person for potentially many generations.  By a liberal judge, I mean a judge that overreaches their authority by writing law in their judicial opinions.

This is why typically liberals prefer liberal judges because it allows them an end run around the Constitution when they can get their policies enacted without having to vote on the House and Senate floor.  Liberals know that there policies will not stand up to scrutiny and they know that their policies are not popular with the mainstream of America so they must use every avenue they can to further their cause.  And what is their cause?  Well, to convert America into a Socialist country in any way they can.

This is why the liberals in this country took a sucker punch when their wonderful Socialist candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated.  They knew that Donald Trump would get to at least appoint one Supreme Court Justice and maybe two.  This has now played out to be true.  The Democrats are deranged.

I feel very sorry for what Brett Kavanaugh is about suffer through.  The Democrats will be mean and vicious to him and potentially to his family.  It will be a disgrace.  They are desperate to stop a brilliant legal mind and good man from serving our country in this position and all because he believes in our Constitution.

Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin, to name a few are already lined up to eviscerate this man and his family.  I hope Judge Kavanaugh can withstand what he will be accosted with and get to a vote.

Then, we all must hope that the RINO’s and a few moderate Democrats will at least have the decency to do what is right for the country and vote to uphold Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.