Next week is a defining moment for the future of our nation.  The midterms will dictate which direction the nation will proceed, either towards socialism with the Democrats or capitalism with the Republicans.  Either we will have law and order and a Constitution with the Republicans or we will have lawlessness, corruption, and abuse of government power with the Democrats.  That’s really what it boils down to.

Knowing what we know now of how the Democrats and Obama weaponized the FBI, IRS, and the Department of Justice and no telling what else I just cannot understand how anyone could vote for a Democrat.  Obama lies so much I cannot watch him.  He sickens me.  Pelosi is another prime example of a habitual liar.  It amazes me how the lies just roll out of their mouths like it’s the truth.  What really amazes me is how many people buy into their fictional fantasies and actually support the Democrats.

Obama today was trying to take credit for the great economy Trump has invigorated.  During the 8 years of the Obama Presidency we had the lowest GDP growth rate in our nation’s history.  Job creation was anemic under Obama.  Manufacturing jobs left the country during the Obama years and all of this was due to businesses unable to compete because of the high tax rates the Democrats refused to lower.  Businesses were afraid to expand because there was no incentive to while Obama and the Democrats were in control.

Have you been listening to some of the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of Democratic candidates?  They have no policy recommendations.  All they are saying is they hate Trump and they want to roll back our tax cuts.  They want to abolish ICE and just open the border.  They refuse to talk about immigration because they know their stance is unpopular with most Americans.  I wish Democrats cared about current American citizens as much they appear to do for illegal immigrants.  We have hundreds of thousands of homeless in this country living in the streets yet the Democrats want to allow homeless and potentially criminal illegal immigrants to just walk across the border and into our neighborhoods.  I can assure you they will not be moving into Obama or Pelosi’s neighborhoods.  How about taking care of our own people first?

The new Democratic Party is a threat to our nation.  They do not believe in capitalism but rather want complete government control over all aspects of our lives.  That is their ultimate goal.  Oh they will never admit to that but every policy they support whittles away at a freedom we now enjoy.

Never forget that the type of government the Democrats are promoting; socialism, has never been as successful as capitalism in the history of the world.  They definitely don’t want to talk about that, but it is the absolute truth.

So next week when you go vote, think about what I have written here and what direction you want the country to go in.  Sadly there are no moderate Democrats so if you believe in freedom you cannot vote for the Democratic candidate.   If you want to keep your tax cuts, you cannot vote for the Democrat, and if you like the policies Trump has been implementing you must vote Republican.