The Democratic Party is a threat to American freedom.  Let’s not mince words here.  There is not one Democrat running for President that is not a socialist, a danger to the constitution, and an extreme threat to our liberty.  Every one of them wants to radically modify our way of life and lower our standard of living.

Let’s start with health care.  They all want some form of socialized medicine.  They want you to lose your employer based private insurance.  Everyone will be under the government system.  Is this really what you want, rationed health care controlled by government bureaucrats?  I hope you understand what this means for yourself and your loved ones.  This means the government will have to approve all of your medication and the government will decide what procedures it will pay for and what age group will receive those procedures.  Of course none of these candidates will tell you this, they can’t.  If they did you would begin to ask those questions they don’t want to answer.  Here is one question you should ask them, “Are you and all of your staff and all federal employees going to be covered under the same system you are proposing for us”?  Watch them try and not answer that one.

They want to dictate how energy is produced in this country.  Energy is the very lifeblood of any economy of any country.  The more energy you have and the cheaper you can produce it will dictate how successful the country you live in will be in the global economy.  I am sorry, that is just the way it is.  As I said in a previous blog, fossil fuels are the primary energy source for the world. Every Democratic candidate supports some form of the Green New Deal.  This will do nothing but greatly increase the cost of your electricity, natural gas, propane, gasoline, and diesel.  This will cause America to lose jobs we are slowly getting back and it will lower your standard of living.  You had better read and head what I am telling you here.  Again, it is dangerous for our country.  Other countries will gain an advantage over us and we will suffer while they prosper.  If you think otherwise you are being naïve.  Of course the Democratic candidates will say “well we must save the world’s climate, we have been too successful and now we must pay back for our successes.”  I ask you why should America bear all the responsibility of lowering carbon based emissions.  What about China and India, what are they going to do?  The only reason they have a lower per capita pollution rate is because they both have over a billion people in their countries.  If you want 6 or 8 dollar a gallon gas and 7 or 10 dollar diesel then you should vote Democrat.  If you want your electric bill to double or triple then by all means vote Democrat.  You and I will pay a heavy price for this.  Never forget this, the politicians supporting this are all multi-millionaires and it will impact them much less than it will impact you and me.  They also receive millions of dollars from lobbyist.

Each of the Democratic candidates are all offering “free” benefits.  Some are offering to forgive all student debt.  Some are offering “free” college education for all.  Some of these candidates want to establish a guaranteed monthly income whether you work or not.  Please remember this, NOTHING IS FREE, SOMEBODY MUST PAY.  That somebody is you and me.  The middle class will pay, either through huge tax increases on what we need to live and or via the confiscation of our 401K’s.  Do not think that this has not been discussed by the Democrats, because it has.  Of course they have not been publicizing this because they know it would not bode well for them, but they know how much money is there and if they get control of the house, senate, and the executive branch you can kiss your 401K’s goodbye.  You see, socialist countries don’t have 401K’s, the government doles out how much they think you need in retirement and that’s what you get.

Socialism is about the government or state controlling production, energy, raw materials, health care, and most importantly you and what you can and cannot do.  This is the ultimate goal of the new Democratic Party, because they think the government knows how to manage your life better than you do.  This is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they left the oppression they suffered in Europe.  This is why so many of our soldiers have given their lives for the beauty of the freedom we now enjoy, for their respect of our constitution, and for their love of the freedom their families enjoy.

Please do not let our freedom slip away by listening to the empty promises of socialism.  The price is too high for things that will absolutely not be free.