Nikki Haley is the choice, she is the right person at the right time.

The vast majority of things that will shape our future we have virtually no control over.  About the only control we have is tied to one thing: our vote.  Writing these messages takes time and thought.  I write these to provoke thought and perhaps mention some things that people don’t think about or don’t want to think about.


Both of our political parties have placed an extreme burden on us with our national debt.  Us being every man, woman, and child in our society.  Our debt is now 34 trillion and counting.  That equals 100,000.00 for each of us.

What’s really scary is no one is pumping the brakes.

Only one Presidential candidate has even mentioned the debt and that is Nikki Haley.  She understands because she is an accountant.  As debt rises so do the interest payments to service it.  No one enjoys reading complex economic articles so I found one that is about as simple as it gets  She understands that this is not sustainable.  Here is what she said recently in Iowa

People had better wake up because the risk of default rises as the debt and interest payments rise.  Default occurs when the Treasury Department raises its windows to sell bonds and there are not enough buyers at the return they are offering.  This means they must increase the returns which will only increase the interest on the debt.  It is a vicious cycle.  The higher the debt the more risk is involved in owning our debt.  Oh and by the way, we own 70% of our debt, not foreign countries, so when the bubble pops it will involve every American and their life savings.

One more thing; the Federal Reserve cannot control what the bond buyers will pay for our debt bonds the same way it can’t control fiscal policy.  Jerome Powell says he won’t even discuss fiscal policy.


Mrs. Haley is also aware that entitlements must be addressed.  The two biggest being Social Security, and Medicare. If nothing is done, Social Security will be broke in 10 years or less and Medicare in 5.  Again, Mrs. Haley knows this is also not sustainable.

No other candidate has the courage to tell it like it is on this topic except for her.  The answers are not easy but they must be developed.  There are lots of options but at the end of the day we must pay more or accept less in entitlements.

For both the debt and entitlements the math doesn’t lie.


Nikki Haley has said she will not follow President Biden’s war on fossil fuels.  She understands that energy is where everything starts and it affects the cost of everything we purchase.  I wrote an article on this back in 2020 and it’s still true.

Nikki Haley also openly admits believing in climate change which I also believe.  I just don’t believe we should all be driving EVs.  I wrote an article in 2021 on climate change and I stand by it.

Here is a recent YouTube video featuring Nikki on climate change

My article on climate change

Below is an article about Nikki’s thoughts on energy

We cannot lower our standard of living while countries like China and India are business as usual regarding energy.


Biden is done.  Even if he wins reelection, I seriously doubt he will cognitively be able finish his second term.  This means Kamala will finish his second term.

Trump will be term limited from the beginning.  The Democrats hate him so much that if they control either the House or the Senate; which is very likely, nothing will happen.  We as a nation cannot handle 4 more years of either of these candidates.

Nikki Haley offers us the opportunity for a change where our government can actually function.  No candidate is the answer for everyone but we are past the point where we can continue to just tread water.  We have to move our country in the right direction even though it be ever so slow.  For me, our only choice is Nikki Haley.