The wall will work while politicians don’t.  The wall at our southern border is the most effective tool in stopping illegal immigration.  Nothing else will even come close.  The real problem is that neither party wants to stop illegal immigration.  Why you ask; well it is quite simple, the Republican business base wants cheap labor and the Democrats want to turn more states blue with immigrant votes to turn America to communism. So there you have it.

What really pisses me off is that we, the middle class taxpayer are financing their dream plans.  We are footing the bill for their scheme in the form of medical care, bilingual teachers, food stamps, and a host of other government benefits the illegal immigrant somehow seem to acquire.  This is costing us billions and billions of dollars each year.  The wall would pay for itself in less than one year once the flow of illegal immigration is stopped.

I am sick and tired of this.  Please let no one forget that we are 21 trillion dollars in debt and counting.

Did you see Chuckie Schumer making a speech today on how the Democrats support border security just not the wall?  Did you see him tout drones, cameras, and sensors as border security measures?  What a load of crap.  Exactly what are drones, cameras, and sensors going to do other than allow you to watch and count how many people just crossed.  That is all they can do.  Please don’t be stupid and fall for this load of crap from Chuckie.

The most effective deterrent to illegal immigration is a physical barrier.  Physical barriers work; they keep people and traffic away from areas where they are not wanted.  You have concrete barriers dividing highways, blocking highways that are under construction and what about the barrier around the White House for goodness sakes?  You can have the other things that are on our side of the wall that will detect people that get across the wall.  Then, when they are detected, you can dispatch border patrol to round them up.

President Trump is the first President in my lifetime to actually listen to the American middle class and try and stop illegal immigration with something that might actually work.  No other politician has had the intestinal fortitude to do it.