FISA warrants for sale to the highest bidder.  Come one come all.  They can be bought by anyone with lots of cash and can be used to falsely implicate anyone of anything.  The FISA package comes complete with corrupt FBI and DOJ officials who will convince a FISA judge to allow the wiretapping of a nunnery if need be.  Cash is king and the juicier the documents the more likely it will make the FISA cut.  Do not worry about the authenticity of the documents; we won’t either.  Again, the more preposterous the better.  This is tongue and cheek humor but it is more sad than funny.

This is the epitome of a complete failure of our security and legal system.  This represents a complete collapse of our Constitution; yet nothing is being done.  No one is uttering a word about this abuse of power and the collapse of ethics involved with this horrific situation.

Where are you Jeff Sessions?  Why are you not investigating this?  You recused yourself from the Russian investigation but how in the world can you turn a blind eye to this misuse and abuse of power.  I don’t care in what context these FISA warrants were sought, I care, and you should care from who the documents originated, the real intent of how they were to be used, and the fact that they were not verified.   It is also very evident to everyone that the FISA judges were lied to in order to get the wiretaps approved.  This is a tragedy for our country, a disgrace and you do nothing.

There are many of us out here that are wondering just how corrupt our government is?  Is there equal justice under the law?  Is it possible for our government to investigate itself and report the findings?

This FISA abuse is devastating to the credibility of our government.  I don’t know if the leaders of our country understand this or care but what I do know is that nothing is being done to correct this abuse of power.