Jerry Moonbeam Brown once again deflecting as much as possible the failed socialist agenda of California.  Climate change is now to blame for the state’s wildfires.  California has had an arid climate for thousands of years.  When they do get rain, it typically comes in huge amounts, then dormant seeds and underbrush flourish, then the climate dries again and that brush dies and dries and is a fire waiting to happen.  This is the story of California and many other western states.  These fires cause more damage now due to people fleeing the California cities for the suburbs and countryside in search of lower taxes and safety; building homes where there were none before.

Old Moonbeam is desperate for anything to deflect the massive California socialism failure.  He has a huge budget deficit with no hope in sight for a solution.  Wealth is leaving the state at an accelerated rate, fleeing oppressive taxation.  No industry is re-locating to California due to stringent regulations and high taxes.

Three of the state’s major cities are fighting hepatitis outbreaks from homeless people urinating and defecating on the sidewalks, streets, and parks.  Illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from California citizens and lowering the wage rate.  These same illegal immigrants know they are safe with the liberal politicians that protect them from prosecution and extradition.

California is second behind New York regarding income inequality.  Yet another tell-tale sign of a state in decline.

It is a real shame that California has the socialist mentality that it does, for it is a beautiful state with a wonderful climate.  It is hard to find anything positive happening for the future of California and that is really sad, for as long as Moonbeam and the other socialist control California I see nothing but more hardships ahead.