The Democratic Party is at war against the middle class of America.  The reality of it is, they always have been.  They always portrayed themselves as warriors for middle class working men and women, but this is at last exposed as a lie.

The best example of this is when they all voted against the tax break for Middle America.  They lied and said only a few middle class American’s would benefit from this.  Millions of working class American’s 401Ks have flourished since Donald Trump became president.  This is due to people and company leaders having confidence that the government is getting out of the way so the economy can grow.

The Democrats only want DACA to increase their voter base and they expect Middle America to pay for this.  They really don’t care about these people and they for sure don’t care about people who immigrated here legally.  Do you know why?  Well the answer is simple, the legal immigrants do not vote for Democrats.  Why? Because they came here seeking freedom, less government control, and the rule of law, and they understand the Democratic Party offers none of these.

Democrats do not want immigration reform; they want open borders.  They don’t care that this will lower wages for middle class Americans.  Democrats want these people to receive public assistance and they don’t care that middle class Americans will pay for this with higher taxes.  They only care about increasing their voter base and increasing the power of the government.

It is a disgrace that the Democratic Party has deteriorated into the party that believes in communism.  The Democratic Party does not like America nor does it respect our Constitution.  I hope and pray that young Americans see the truth and understand that what the Democratic Party is trying to sell is not real, but rather a lie laced with promises they can’t keep, and a loss of freedom that will be lost forever.