Leaves fall in the fall just as the Democrats fall further into the abyss of hate and deception.  The Democratic Party is dangerous.  Their hatred of our way of life has blinded them from one of our most cherished beliefs, the presumption of innocence.  You must understand, they know with Justice Kavanaugh now seated the only way they can get their socialist agenda implemented is by legislation, and they know Americans will never support this.  This is making them desperate and dangerous.

First Senator Feinstein tried a Hail Mary pass in using Dr. Ford like a pawn trying to derail the confirmation with sexual abuse charges dating back 36 years.  Maybe she didn’t use Dr. Ford, maybe her and Dr. Ford colluded to try and deceive the American people into believing this non-corroborated fantasy.  We will never know, because there is not enough time on this earth to unravel the lies of Feinstein.  The Lies of Feinstein that would make a good novel, and you know there is enough material. https://keepusgreat.com/2018/09/22/confirmation-kavanaugh-keepusgreat/

Now, in marches whacko bird Nancy Pelosi following the Feinstein performance.  She is vowing to unearth FBI documents on Kavanaugh.  Go ahead Nancy, nobody cares.  Perhaps we should call for a FBI investigation on your husband’s real estate deals out in California and see if we can find any conflicts of interest with you and your office.  Now wouldn’t that be a hoot.  Chances are you will be out in December anyway, as your party will not take the House or the Senate.   Make your noise because the only people listening are as un-hinged as you are.  Hard working middle class citizens will make their voice heard in November so please keep ranting; it helps keep the conservative fires burning.

Obama and Holder now question the validity of the Supreme Court.  What a joke from these two who weaponized the IRS, FBI, and the Justice Department.  Remember Fast and Furious Eric, we do and we know your motive.  I know you are counting on many to forget but enough of us remember to never let it go dormant.  Obama we know you feel that the Constitution is an impediment to your desires to transform the U.S. to a socialist nation.  We get it, that’s why we elected Donald Trump as our President.  We knew we had to save our country, and we did.  You will never admit it but you are the main cause for the demise of the Democratic Party, well you, Pelosi, Maxine, Schumer, and Hillary, certainly can’t leave them out. https://keepusgreat.com/2018/05/19/how-deep-is-the-deep-state/

If you are still reading this then you must understand what you are seeing now from the Democratic Party is exactly how socialism governs.  They never lose because they re-write the law as they go to make themselves winners.  If you stand up and call them out they will use the entire force of the government they control to crush you and your family.  This is nothing new as it is full display in Cuba, China, and Venezuela.  What is really disturbing is that many young people are not educated on the reality of socialism.

We must go to the polls next month and continue to save our country.  What we saw during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings should frighten you.  What if this was your brother, or husband and they were falsely accused?  Do you see how the Democrats tried to ruin this man’s life and used Dr. Ford in the process.  How cruel and ruthless of them.

With all this being said, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of rallying your neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends and encouraging them to vote in November and vote Republican.  For the sake of our nation we cannot allow the Democrats to seize power.