Now elections don’t matter.  That’s right I said it, and it’s true.

No matter which party wins the House of Representatives, or the Senate, or who wins the Presidency, it won’t mean a hill of beans.

What’s wrong with this guy some of you might ask?  This election means everything.

No not really because none of them will be in control of what happens.

Well the truth of the matter is the debt and other commitments will totally consume our destiny no matter who is in control.

Nobody is paying attention to the debt and I mean nobody that has anything to do with it.  Both Republicans and Democrats continue to spend money and print money likes it’s going out of style.  Just keep piling it on.  Don’t pump the brakes on spending, don’t pass a real budget, just keep the pedal to the metal and get out of office before people begin to sense the coming of the wall.  That would be a brick wall we hit.

Well unfortunately for them; math doesn’t lie.  Our debt is currently 34.5 trillion dollars and climbing, 70% of which we own.  With years of low interest rates and US treasuries being sold with little or no returns, the interest on the debt has been manageable; but now, T bills are yielding at least 4%.  This means as older debt is retired and new debt is sold the interest payments will only go up.  And yes the debt is only going higher because our leaders cannot stop spending.

Let’s estimate the interest on the debt is 2.75% on average.  That’s based on higher interest on the newer debt and lower on the older debt.  By the way the new debt is really coming on strong.  34.5 trillion X .0275 is 948 billion dollars.  That’s almost a trillion dollars in interest payments alone.

900 billion dollars is about equal to the defense budget.  Nobody will touch that.

Medicare goes belly up in 2 years or less.  Nobody will touch that either

Social Security is broke in 10 years or less and the longer you wait to try and fix it, the more it will impact everyone.  Nobody is even discussing what to do because none of it is easy.

The warning signs of what is coming is already visible.  Have you noticed the price of gold?  This is not just a normal flux in the gold market.  Big investors are looking for safe havens before the wall.  The price of gold and other precious metals will only continue to increase.

Inflation can only continue to increase as the dollar becomes worth less and less due to increasing deficits.

Neither Trump nor Biden even mention the debt.

Have you taken notice of all the politicians’ leaving office?  Most of them say they want to spend more time with their families.  That sounds so heartwarming when in reality they see the brick wall very clearly and they want to be as far away as possible from DC when we feel the impact of the wall.  It will be catastrophic and they know it.

So what am I forecasting?  Our current financial path is not sustainable.  With our current debt load and no reforms in sight it is my opinion we will default on the debt in less than 4 years and this is why who the next President will be doesn’t matter.

We are fixated on emotional distractions that the media and politicians propagate.  Very soon those won’t matter either.

Nobody mentions default because no party knows a viable way to stop it.  Well I should say neither party has a popular viable way to stop it.

What’s really sad is that all of us who are working to support our families as well as those who worked all their lives to retire will be thrown into a whirlpool that has no bottom.

I hope I am wrong about this.

I have no advice on how to prepare yourself for what I believe is on the horizon and the horizon is getting close.