It seems as if every generation has to deal with a ruthless and terrifying totalitarian dictator.  Kim Jong-Un of North Korea is just that for this generation.  He has proven over and over again he has no value for human life.  He is dangerous and his actions could cause a nuclear disaster for Korea and more if something is not done.  China, The Sleeping Dragon must awaken.

This week I was very disappointed in China for their public response to this issue.  They are more worrried about us installing the THAAD missle defense system in South Korea than what is happening in North Korea. The THAAD system is not an offensive weapon.  It is being installed in hopes that it will shoot down an attack on the south should Kim Jon-Un order it.

I don’t think China feels the right sense of urgency with what is happening in North Korea.  They say they have restricted coal purchases from North Korea but it seems as if Kim Jon-Un has ignored this as he continues to launch missles in a provocative manner.  Kim has even chastised the Chinese government in the press, something he has never done in the past.  This shows a dangerous escalation in his war-like approach to South Korea and China.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to this part of the world this week.  He will stop in Beijing, South Korea, and Japan.  He will deliver the Trump administration’s latest policy regarding North Korea.  The million dollar question is what is Beijing’s latest policy towards North Korea?  This is the elephant in the room because Beijing holds the strings of North Korea.  One would hope that there have been some back channel communictions between Beijing and North Korea where Beijing is laying down the law on the behavior of North Korea.  One would also hope that China realizes; God forbid, if a nuclear option was exercised by North Korea, that some fallout from such an incident could possibly affect China.

If I was Chinese President Xi Jinping, to make sure Kim Jon-Un sees the message,  I would begin amassing several divisions of Chinese troops near the border of North Korea.  I would make sure he realized that no longer will China stay in the background.  China is now acting to preserve world peace and protect its own from potential harm casued by North Korea.  North Korea must feel and see a real negative consequence from China if it is to ever moderate its behavior.

This is my second blog on this subject because I really believe this is the greatest threat to world peace we have seen since Adolf Hitler.  The huge difference is that Kim Jon-Un possess nuclear weapons and Hitler did not.  The world is not in a good place now and the closest super power to the problem is China.  The question is will she awaken or lay dormant?