The purpose of Keep US Great is to make sure that no one forgets that thousands of our countrymen and women have given their lives to defend freedom so that we can live the life we live today.  Today there are so many threats to our way of life I feel it is imperative that I do what I can to try and preserve the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy in our country.  I will concede that there is no such thing as a perfect form of government but I challenge anyone to point out a country that has achieved what we have here in the U.S. in the short amount of time we have been a nation.  There are none.  We have what we have due to the entrepreneurial spirit that freedom promotes, where a person is rewarded for innovation and creativity.  The U.S. is the last beacon of freedom in a world that is becoming darker with socialism every day.  The freedom we have today can never be taken lightly because it is very precious and millions of people in other countries desire what we have; but will never experience it.  I hope you enjoy my website and never forget that Freedom is Not Free.