Okay South Carolina you are about to be front and center.  Soon it will be your chance to tell America we need to chart a new course.

The Trump and Biden era needs to be in the history books and the Nikki Haley era needs to lead for 8 years.

If we ever have a chance to get some actual meaningful legislation passed it will be during her Presidency.

Our country has so many problems that neither Biden nor Trump can solve because they are too divisive.

Plus, I am sick of Trump and Biden lies.

Trump repeatedly says Nikki is going to gut Medicare and Social Security.  This is a lie.  What Nikki is saying is that both of these entitlements are quickly going into insolvency and they are.  Something must be done if we want them to survive.  Trump offers no solution to this and neither does Biden.  Nikki is the only person willing to save these programs and do what’s needed to be done.

The national debt is another crisis that we must address.  Trump added 9 trillion to the debt during his 4 years and the total for Biden is set to at least equal that.  We cannot continue to add debt.  Nikki understands this and knows this to must be addressed.

The immigration crisis continues.  Trump said build a wall.  Biden says tear down the wall.  Nikki says you must do more than the wall and she’s right.  You have to have the rule of law to accompany any physical barrier.  Meanwhile our country is being overrun with poor people from South America who have no skills and most have children we will have to integrate into our public schools that are already failing our own children.  We simply cannot afford to accept these people, our debt is too high.

Nikki understands our energy situation.  She acknowledges the existence of climate change but also knows that energy is where everything starts.  She knows that we must encourage our domestic production of energy while developing new sources that damage the climate less.  Trump says climate change is a hoax.  I would like Trump to explain how decades of internal combustion engines and coal power plants emitting millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere does not affect the earth’s climate.  Perhaps Trump would like to call the theory of relativity a hoax as well.  For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

So South Carolina, I urge you to take a close look at Nikki your former governor.  She is sharp, articulate, and non-offensive.  She is what America needs.  Don’t listen to your other elected officials regarding Nikki, they are jumping on the Trump bandwagon for their own good and not yours or our nation.