Socialism’s desperate desire to control the Judicial Branch.  If you want to understand this for what it really is keep reading and be enlightened.  I will make this as painless as possible but you must have at least a small grasp of the brilliance our forefathers had when setting up our government.

Three co-equal branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

So you don’t run off, I am only going to cover the Judicial branch and why the left is so desperate to control the Supreme Court.  It’s really sad and trust me they do not have your best interest at heart.

The Forefathers wanted to make sure that the Supreme Court had the ultimate power to rule whether or not a law passed by the Legislative branch or an executive order signed by the President did not go outside what was written and allowed in the Constitution.  That statement is the essence of the purpose of the Federal Supreme Court.

Whenever a Supreme Court vacancy occurs the first thing many people think about is whether or not Roe v Wade will survive.  This is the case that made abortion legal in all 50 states.  Let’s say Roe v Wade was overturned; do you know what would happen?  Abortions would not immediately become illegal.  What would happen is each state would have a vote to determine whether or not abortions would be allowed in their state.  Each state would determine how late in the pregnancy an abortion could be performed.  All of these rules would be determined by the individual states.  Do I think this is ideal, probably not, but the main point is that abortions would not immediately be outlawed as some would have you believe.  Abortion would become a state decision.

The framers of the Constitution knew how important it was for the Judicial Branch to be completely independent from the other two branches.  Again, the purpose of the Supreme Court is to serve as a watchdog to insure the other two branches do not deviate from what was intended in the Constitution.

Read this paragraph carefully and think.  Have you ever read where a court in China has overruled the Communist Party?  What about in Russia?  What about Cuba?  What about Venezuela?  The answer is no, you haven’t.  This is because this branch has been absorbed into the other two in these countries.  The courts do not question any laws passed in these countries they just make sure they are enforced and give the government wide powers to inflict punishment on those people or businesses that fail to comply.  Do you see the horrible danger here?  This gives the government of socialist countries free reign to pass whatever laws they desire to cement their control over every aspect of their citizen’s lives.  Is this the America you desire?

Of course the Democratic Socialist here in America do not want you to think about this.  If liberals ever take control of the Supreme Court it will be the end of America as we know it.  Then, if the socialist can’t get legislation passed with laws written by the Congress they will get things done with the court legislating from the bench and allowing laws to stand that violate the Constitution.  Once the socialist can circumvent the Constitution by using the courts; our votes become useless and our democracy and freedoms fail.

A conservative judge means a judge that will interpret if a law violates the Constitution or not.  A conservative judge will not legislate from the bench.  A conservative judge understands that laws are written by the legislative branches who are supposed to be the voice of the people they represent.

I hope you understand the message I am trying to convey to you.  I hope you think about it.  It is very important and critical to the survival of our Republic.