The Trojan horse ticket of Biden and Harris.  Just as the city of Troy evaluated a Trojan horse centuries ago; America gets to do the same thing in November.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen what you see on the outside of Joe and Kamala is absolutely what you will not receive should they gain power.

Joe and Kamala represent socialism.  It’s really that cut and dried.  Have you noticed how nothing is being publicized about their policies?  The media asks Joe questions like, “Well Joe what did you have for breakfast this morning?”  “How do you like your eggs Joe?”  Joe’s answer, “Oh I love eggs”

The media is doing what they are told.  Do not ask policy questions of Joe and Kamala.  Surely you understand why; right?  If Joe’s and Kamala’s policies became public knowledge they would not have a chance of winning,  Basically Joe winds the clock back to tax corporations more and tax high income earners more.  The same old socialist song of redistributing wealth by the state or federal government.  Here we go again with corporations leaving America for cheaper taxes and taking good jobs with them.  We have been there and done that.

The fact of the matter is that the Democratic Socialist Party of today in America is the most liberal that has ever existed.

I mean really, do you really believe that these people really give a crap about you?  Do you not understand that they really believe you don’t have the ability to manage your own life and they need to manage it for you?  With socialism, the government dictates what you will do with almost every aspect of your life.  Don’t believe me; look at current socialist countries that exist today.   Pick one, you’ve got China , Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Greece and many others that are very left leaning.  You can say, well America will never get that bad, and I will tell you that people in these countries above said the same thing and look where they are now.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  If Biden and Kamala were to gain power then the socialist would have a foothold and they would change the rules making it easier for the government to take away your freedoms a bit at a time.  Socialism is a slow growing cancer.

You know I’ve written about this topic several times because I understand what we have to lose.  I’ve lived in countries that dream of having the freedoms we enjoy.  The problem is that only a small percentage of the American population has seen the reality of socialism and our public schools and colleges do not tell the truth about it.

I’ll leave you with a few realities of socialism:  Once in place, voices that oppose the government will be silenced, quickly and viciously, and it will not matter what your skin color is.

All power will reside with the government and you will be assumed guilty and you will have to prove that you are innocent, to a court that is owned by the government.

In socialism, the government only cares about the government and it maintaining control and power.  The individual is lost.  The individual is expected to further the causes of the state and failure to do so will result in immediate and harsh punishment.

The incentive to invent is lost because the government will reap all of the rewards that should go to the inventor.  Socialism believes that all inventions are only possible because the government made it possible for the inventor to invent.  Remember “You didn’t build that”

Eventually, all property will be owned by the government.  All industry will be nationalized and will serve the needs of the state.

Socialism is a dark world that once in control, will do whatever is required to maintain control.  And I mean whatever is required.

So when Joe and Kamala make all these promises; you must understand that what is really inside the Trojan Horse is socialism and the end of your freedom.