I am approaching 60 years old and I wonder what has happened to my country.  I have never seen the office of the Presidency disrespected to the degree that it is now.  Donald Trump is our President.  He won the election and he deserves the respect that accompanies the office. 

I asked you these questions.  What if Steven Colbert would have said that Barack Obama was Putin’s cock-holster?  What if Jerry Seinfeld would have made a statement and shot the bird at Barack Obama?  What if rapper Mac Miller would have sang a song wishing for the death of Barack Obama?  I will tell you what would have happened; the press would have crucified them.  Then the justice department, the FCC, and the FBI would have all been called to perform a myriad of investigations.

Why are demonstrations happening all over America by liberal young people saying horrible things about President Trump, and no liberal leader is telling them to stop?  What are they protesting?  What purpose are they supporting?  Why are the liberal leaders of the Democratic party encouraging these activities?

I will tell you why, because the liberals of this country wish for the end of the United States.  They hate freedom and do not respect anyone who calls themselves a freedom loving, God fearing conservative.  The American liberal believes that everyone should make the same wage regardless of their skill, and believe they are entitled to live the American dream but not earn it.  They don’t understand commitment, honor, tradition, and ethics.  They believe that only laws they agree with should be enforced.  It hurts me to see this.  It is a cancer that is devouring our country.  Liberal leaders peddle this hate and young minds amplify it into frenzy.  The liberal press endorses this.

There is nothing wrong with being a conservative.  We are not evil people.  A conservative wants everyone to have equal access to those opportunities that could improve their way of life.  If you can work, you should work.  If you want a better wage then do something to help yourself reach that goal.  Go to college, get a trade, or work hard where you are now and get a promotion.  It is not a sin, or morally wrong to be a conservative.  Conservatives founded this country.

If you are a liberal, I encourage you to give President Trump the same respect you gave Barack Obama.  You may not agree with his policies, and that’s okay, but never forget that he is the leader of our country.  If you are a liberal and you have read this far please give me the name of a socialist country that has the same standard of living, same GDP, and the same after tax income per capita that we do.  Good luck with that and rather than hate America, help America.