Never in the modern history of this country has there been such a conspiracy against a United States President like there is now against Donald Trump.  This conspiracy runs wide and deep and includes The Department of Justice, special prosecutor Mueller, The F.B.I., Democratic Party, Clinton Foundation, Obama’s action organization, fake news outlets, and even some in the establishment Republican Party.  With all these entities lined up against the President, it is a wonder he is able function.

In spite of all these conspiracies, President Trump is still managing to keep his word and deliver on what he said he would do in his campaign speeches.  This is why people like me and millions of others just like me admire him and know that he is a man of his word.  He is not a typical politician like Obama was who thinks that the average citizen is as dumb as a rock.  That is one thing that I can thank Obama for is that he awakened the average citizen who then realized how bad, a bad President could change the direction of our country.  He also made people aware of how important the checks and balances are that is written in our Constitution.  Clearly, Hillary did not get elected to the Presidency due to her own vices and the fact that we knew we must get on a different path than the one Obama put us on.

Nowhere can you read what Donald Trump has accomplished in his first year in office.  Let’s take a quick glance:

  1. Fighting for immigration and visa reform trying to secure our nation
  2. Rolled back many Obama era regulations initiated through agencies bypassing Congress.
  3. Income tax overhauls lowering the corporate tax rate that will give American companies a chance to re-patriate manufacturing jobs with benefits, and still be competitive in the world economy.
  4. He continues to appoint conservative federal judges who make their decisions based on the existing laws instead of writing law from the judicial bench.
  5. He is trying to make us energy independent so we will not be at the mercy of the Middle East in the future.
  6. African American unemployment is at record lows.
  7. Overall unemployment is a record lows.
  8. Companies and people feel better about our future thus the wonderful growth in the stock market and consumer confidence.
  9. GDP growth 3% and getting better.
  10. The confidence felt by our military as President Trump has allowed the Generals to run the military and freed them to fully engage ISIS. We are winning this one now.
  11. Foreign policy strength showing the world that we are not just talk and appeasement. China doing more than they have ever done to curtail North Korea.
  12. 100% support for our law enforcement and emergency responders.

It is absurd of how differently President Trump is treated than Obama was treated.   This latest book written by some guy named Michael Wolff is yet another attempt to slander the President.  I would not be surprised if some way somehow the Clinton and Obama forces financed and had great input in the material contained in this literary garbage.  Yet another dossier written by socialist and communist; the new Democratic Party.

Guess what, Trump does not give a damn.  He is continuing on the path that got him elected, despite the conspiracy.  He understands that his base continues to support him.  Just a small note to the conspirators, we know what you are doing and we are watching, do not tread on us because we are a force and we believe in the rule of law and freedom.