Freedom or Tyranny the choice is yours.  Well America, the time has come where we must choose between complete government control with the Biden Harris ticket; or keep our freedom with the Trump Pence ticket.

I don’t understand how with each election cycle the chance that we will lose our freedom becomes more at risk than the cycle before.  I am north of 60 years in America and the changes that I have witnessed in every aspect of life are immense.  What is most bone chilling is how many Americans really believe that a more powerful centralized government that has more control of your personal life is a good thing.

Never forget this: The more you ask the government to give you, the more freedoms the government will take from you.

This is absolutely the truth.  Why you ask?  Well because once the state becomes all powerful it is only concerned with maintaining and increasing its power and the individual is only a tool used to preserve and increase the power of the state.

The Democratic Socialist Party in America with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represents government domination of your life.  I know some of you reading this think this might be too extreme but it really isn’t.  If they were to get into power they would quickly begin to change the rules to cement the government’s ability to control the means of production, healthcare, communication, civilian owned firearms, and it would be the beginning of the end of the ability to own private property in America.

I don’t know how else to put it.

I am going to give you some examples of life in a socialist country.  This is really how it is so I hope you continue reading so you get some understanding of what is on the line here.  You say well in socialist countries the government pays for college education.  Students graduate from college with no debt.

That is the lie.

Here is the truth.

Your children are enrolled in public schools.  They are given intelligence tests at different intervals of their school years.  They are given a test when they are about to leave elementary school and enter middle school.  The higher they score on the test, the better middle school they will attend.  Another test to go from middle school to high school with the same outcome; higher score, better high school.  Now keep in mind, parents of children who have money will hire tutors that will teach their children how to take these tests and score better than those that don’t.  So the myth that socialism levels the playing field for all is crap; cash is still king.  Now for the college admission tests.  If your child doesn’t score high enough qualify for college, then they will have to learn a trade, drive a taxi, become a low level government worker, or find some other kind of employment not requiring a college degree.  For those that do score high enough to qualify for college there are different stratifications for them as well.  Those that score in the top 10% let’s say, will be directed to become doctors, engineers, perhaps high level government regulators and so forth.  The next lower tier will be directed to become managers of state owned businesses, or managers of construction and so forth.  The point is those children who qualify for college are not free to choose what they want to pursue.  They are there to fill the needs of the state.  They will also be placed where the state needs them when they graduate.  They are not free to choose where they work.  After some years where they were placed, if they do well, they can request to be transferred to somewhere they want to work.  Of course, the state has to have a need there, and the state must approve it.

So really; how free is the education?  Free with forever strings.

Yes but socialism provides free health care for all.

That’s the lie.

Here is the truth.

Never forget everything is for the state and whatever benefits the state.  As far as the state is concerned it provides “free” basic health care for all.  Physicians are paid a set fee from the state to perform whatever procedures are required.  That fee is very minimal.  Also, the state provides the equipment that hospitals and physicians use to diagnose illnesses.  It would be very astute of you to surmise that the further away you are from a major city you are the less equipment and the less modern those physicians have to use for diagnoses.  You say well that’s true here as well.  To a degree that’s correct, but the drop off in socialist countries for adequate health care in rural areas is much steeper than here.  Now let’s talk about “free.”  Let’s say you have some plugged arteries and need some stints implanted to prevent a heart attack.  Well, here is where it gets a little complicated so stick with me.  If you are, let’s say, an important government official that’s 50 years old it is a good chance that you will receive the stints very quickly for the going rate.  If you are a low level government worker, and you are 60, it is a good chance you will have to wait a while for your stints, unless of course your family gets together and contributes money to pay a physician on the side above and beyond what the state pays for the procedure.  Cash is still king.  You still get what you pay for in socialism.  The last case is really bad where if you are 60, a poor farmer, and your family has no money, you may receive blood thinners but that will be about it.  It is a myth that everyone receives the same high quality health care with socialism.  It just doesn’t happen.  Don’t buy the lie.

You ask me, how do you know these things and why haven’t we read about this other places.

Well, I spent quite a bit of time in a socialist country and got to know people.  As a tourist you will never hear these stories because the people that live there don’t know you and won’t trust you.  I got to know people, we worked closely together, and we developed a friendship.  They knew then and still know now; I would never put them in any danger by telling you their side of the story.

This side of socialism you will never read anywhere because as I said earlier; the state controls all forms of communication and if someone in a socialist country where to be identified as the source of such information they would be in grave danger.

Do not be fooled.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and all of the Democratic Socialist are communicating empty promises to get your vote.  It all sounds good; but it is far from it.

Early voting has started in many places and will start in most others very soon, so it is very important you vote to preserve freedom.

Vote to keep what so many of our fellow countrymen and women have given their lives to defend.

Vote for the wellbeing of your children and grandchildren.

Vote for the rule of law

Vote for the Constitution.

Vote Trump-Pence