The purpose of this article is to try and explain why the Democratic Party seems to be more effective in governing than the Republican Party.  I define success in terms of how much of their agenda they can successfully implement.  I really don’t think the Republicans understand what they are dealing with.  The Democratic Party is leading us into socialism and the Republican Party is not trying to stop them.  I know President Trump understands, and we who support him understand, but the Republican leadership seem to be clueless.

The first thing you must understand about the Democrats is that they will abuse, misuse, bend, and even break any law that gets in their way to reach their goal which is to turn America into a socialist country.  You can never forget this.  Laws and the Constitution is a barrier to the Democrats and will not deter them from reaching their goal.  You want examples from the Obama administration?  There are many, and these are just the ones that were publicized; no telling what was done in the dark of night that never surfaced.

  1. Solyndra and the loss of 500 million taxpayer dollars when they got government loans then very shortly after that they went out of business and the money never recovered. The owners were big Obama supporters.  Nobody went to jail.
  2. Ed Holder and the fast and furious gun sales to Mexico. We will never really know what happened here other than at least one U.S law enforcement officer was killed by one of these guns that went to Mexico.  There is no telling how many Mexican citizens lost and are still losing their lives as a result of this.  Why was this done?  The real purpose was to justify more gun control legislation here in the states.
  3. Louis Lerner and her authorizing the harassment of conservative political groups who were applying for tax free status from the IRS. This was abuse of power by the government pure and simple.  I hope you realize how devastating the IRS can be to a person, group, or business.
  4. Obama who took it upon himself to bypass Congress and write executive orders to create his own immigration laws. This was an absolute abuse of power.
  5. Hillary Clinton who profited from her position as Sec. of State with the pay for play arrangement that existed in a way that you could see her as long as you made a generous contribution to the Clinton Foundation. Then you have her mishandling of classified information on her private unauthorized server.  Don’t forget about the Uranium One deal with the Russians yet another Clinton Foundation money grab.
  6. The Obama administration also used the EPA to write rules that negatively impacted energy companies because the Democratic Party does not like fossil fuels. They could not get legislation through Congress so they had to find another way. Never mind that there are no economically equal replacements yet and that it causes a huge financial burden to the average citizen and a loss of jobs.
  7. Now the latest where you have Obama using the intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump campaign. You have the Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, unmasking people. How did she get the authority to do that?  Obama had to have approved it.  Does that no scare you?  It is a police state right here in America.  It is abuse of power.  It turns our constitution upside down.

There are more examples but I believe you get the point I am trying to make.  The Democrats do not respect any laws or norms when it comes to moving their agenda forward.  They will stop at nothing.  They are ruthless.  The other thing about Democrats is that they love to follow, and do so blindly.  They think and believe what they are told to.  They do not question leadership and will stop at nothing to achieve what they are told to do.  To me it is scary that they; the liberals, are so blindly devoted to socialism and the loss of freedom.

The Republicans had better wake up and grasp what they are dealing with.  You cannot play fair with liberals because they will not ever play fair with you.  Republicans, you are fighting for our freedoms, and you had better understand what is at stake.  You had better unite as a party and get moving.  Here are some things that need to happen immediately:

  1. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton regarding the Clinton Foundation and pay for play. Investigate the Uranium One deal Hillary cut regarding Russian collusion.  Investigate the abuse of intelligence regarding her e-mail scandal and the laws that were broken.
  2. Appoint a special prosecutor to determine if laws were broken by Louis Lerner and the IRS in the way she singled out conservative groups applying for tax free status.
  3. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate unmasking for bill of rights violations done by the Obama administration.

Why are you standing around allowing them you crucify President Trump for absolutely nothing?  Could it be because you have dirt on your hands as well?  Many of us out here are beginning to think that is the case.

Do not worry about the press. We know the press is owned by liberals.  We do not listen to them and neither should you.  We know they lie and do what they are told just as the Democrats do.   Journalism is truly dead in America and we know it.

Here is the bottom line, either we have laws that apply to everyone or we have a justice system that is only relevant to common citizens and not politicians.  This is unacceptable and will lead to chaos and revolt.  Either we are going to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights or we are going to allow the liberals in this country to end our Republic.  Republicans, we gave you the government to stop the slide into demise and socialism, you need to grow some courage and do what we elected you to do.  We are growing impatient and time is short.  Do you not see what is happening to our country?

Do you give a damn?