You want to see a real Schiff show, watch the impeachment proceedings now taking place in the House of Representatives.  This is a horrible abuse of power and it goes against everything our country stands for.  The Democratic Socialists have made it perfectly clear they are willing to destroy America to remove Trump from office.

Soon the truth will be known about meddling in the 2016 election.  The Obama/Biden administration will be exposed for their abuses that occurred with the FBI, the Justice Department, and the FISA courts.  Their abuses make whatever the Russians did look like a walk in the park.  But, as we all know, the press will do their best to ignore it and the Democratic Socialist will do their best to distract you from the real abuse.  The Inspector General’s report will be out soon and it will show a horrible a abuse of our systems.

Hopefully there are enough Americans not blinded by party affiliation to grasp how serious this abuse was and understand how serious this threat to our Republic is.  This cannot happen again.  The framers of our Constitution set up checks and balances to protect against these abuses provided that politics stayed out of the justice system.  In 2016 they did not stay out, and this is where we are now.  The Democrats just cannot accept that they lost even after they did everything they could to rig the election and now, to oust a duly elected President.

President Trump at times seems abrupt and angry.  Well, how would you feel if what has happened to him happened to you?  This President has been harassed, spied on by our own government, lied about, has had never ending investigations about everything he does, and now a fantasy impeachment.  Let’s not leave out the super biased media whose over 90% reporting is negative against Trump.  No other President in the history of our country has suffered this kind of abuse.

There are very powerful players within and outside of our country that want America to fall to socialism.  They don’t care what they have to do to make it happen.  The Democratic Party and the news media are the tools they are using to accomplish their goal.  They have been working on this for decades.  Their plan was to have us well on our way to socialized medicine at the end of the Obama/Biden era.  This would then allow the country to be converted to a single payer system under Hillary.  Healthcare represents 25% of our economy.  Once you get healthcare converted the other dominoes fall very quickly.

The fly in the ointment was that the American populace saw what was happening and didn’t like it. They knew the bad stigma surrounding the Clinton’s and their shenanigans would make Hillary a tough sell to the American people so they had to have a plan B.  This led these people to take desperate actions then, and continue to take them now with impeachment.  Who are these people you ask?  Well one for sure is George Soros.  He is a multi-billionaire that consistently contributes to far left candidates to move America toward socialism.  There are more like him, like some of the members of the World Bank, but he is a major player.  What prizes to they get for converting America to socialism?  Well they get a country with an abundance of natural resources and industrial power to control.  The big players will see their riches and power expand exponentially while the middle class will disappear like in other socialist countries.  All of the major industries will be nationalized, and in the long run America will follow the fate of other socialist countries around the globe.

I know many of you think I am just spouting conspiracy theories and that the things that are happening now are just a natural evolution of the political environment.  I assure you that nothing is further from the truth.  Things that happened in 2016, and that are happening now, were never meant to happen.  There are powers that exist that want to eliminate your voice as to what happens to our Republic.  Please do not take this lightly, it is very serious.

Our most powerful weapon is information and getting this information to everyone that will listen.  We must not let the Democrats take control to the Executive branch in 2020.  It is imperative for the survival of our country that President Trump gets a second term in office.  I know he is not perfect and I understand he pisses a lot of people off, but he loves America and he puts her first.  He loves the men and women in the Armed forces and he is doing his best to give them the best equipment possible to defend our freedom.  He knows we have the best country on earth and that we are a bright light in the darkness of socialism.  He wants all Americans to be successful and to have good jobs.

So, I implore you to spread the word in 2020 and make people aware of what did happen in 2016 and what is happening now.  It was and is an assault on the rule of law and our Constitution and if we lose, it will mark the end of America as we know it.