Bread and circuses the end of America.  This blog is for the people who like to understand where we are and where we are going.  So if you can’t handle this then go to another site that offers instant gratification for whatever floats your boat.

What does bread and circuses mean?  Well, this is what the ancient Roman poet Juvenal wrote back in the days of the Roman Empire.  What he meant by this was that the Roman government could do whatever they want with Rome and the empire as long as the people were given food (bread) and entertainment (circuses).  Does this ring a bell with you when you look at America today?

You look back at the ancient Romans and you say, “Well we have advanced as a society to a much higher level than the Romans did; I mean look at what we have done, we have sent people to the moon, we have computers, we have automobiles, we have advanced communication devices, and I could go on and on.”

And I say, “This is all true but people are still controlled by bread “money or fame” and circuses “events”.   When Julius Caesar ruled, times and people were simpler.  It did not take much to keep the people occupied and complacent.  Now things are more complex and we live in a digital age but what Julius Caesar knew 2 thousand years ago still rings true today.

With the digital age events rise to the surface almost immediately.  What you must be very leery of is who controls what rises and how could they benefit from it.  Today so many young people do not have a knowledge base of history and can be manipulated so easily.  Trust me, people who do not have America’s best interest at heart understand this and abuse this.

You want an example okay here is one for you.  Somebody publicized that the destruction of statues of our nation’s history would further a cause.  What cause would that be?  Are these actions going to end racism?  No.  Do these statues mean we still believe in slavery and racism as a nation? No.  Will the destruction of these statues improve race relations? No.  Then why do this?  Well, it is an event.  The only purpose this event serves is to worsen race relations in our nation.  Somewhere out there a group of people have decided that causing increased tension between the races will benefit a cause they are supporting and guess what, social media and the news media are more than happy to publicize the destruction of our history.

You want another example?  Kneeling when our National Anthem is played and our flag is flown.  What is this supposed to repair?  Standing with your hand on your heart while the Anthem is played is to honor those who died to preserve the freedoms we have today.  Standing honors the hundreds of thousands that died in the cause of the preservation of freedom.  What does kneeling really do?  It erodes the patriotism of our nation.  The message is that patriotism doesn’t mean much.  This tears at the very fabric of our country.

So why am I writing this?  Very good question because a lot of young Americans don’t understand history and don’t understand the ways and means of manipulation.  Unfortunately, if they even get this far in the blog they will probably dismiss it as the rambling of an old man who is behind the times.

I hope I am wrong but I see America eroding very quickly right in front of my eyes.  I can do very little to stop it other than write blogs like this to hopefully make people stop and ask themselves, “What am I doing and why am I doing this and is this the best way to further the change I am advocating.”

If you want a reality check, go to this link and read this article.  It was written years ago and we better hope we are the exception.  2020 – 1776 = 244.

Freedom is Not Free.