Now is not the time for the timid.  The Republicans now have everything they need to move us back to law and order, The Constitution, individualism, and the free market.  They have a chance to get big government out of establishing curriculum for our children.  This is a short window in history and perhaps the last window that a generation will get to return to freedom.

The socialist Democrats will use all the weapons they have to undermine this effort.  This is why it is so vitally important the Republicans not be timid and move as boldly as the socialist did.

Since the press is 95% socialist there will be no support to be found there.  They will be allied with the Democrats.  They will be super critical and negative at every opportunity.

This is why it will be crucial for President-elect Trump to use the bully-pulpit of the Presidency intelligently and often.  I suggest he bring back the fire-side chats where can make his case to all Americans in a calm and professional setting.  The networks will carry him because their ratings suck so bad they want the viewership.  Mr. Trump, I believe, should have these chats often at first then pare them back as he and the Republicans gain traction.

One of the messages that must ring loudly is that these reforms will take time.  The younger the American the faster they want gratification.  They must be reminded to “hey, pump the brake we’ll get there”.

Again communication is going to be the key.  Don’t get caught up in the minutia details, the socialist didn’t.  Remember the famous quote by Pelosi about the Affordable Health Care Act “Just vote for it you can read the bill after it has passed”.

So, Republicans you had better get unified.  You need to move and do the work of the people.  If that means staying in session longer, then do it.

Do not squander this opportunity.

This is freedom’s last stand.