The Inspector General’s (IG) report is conflicted between its conclusions and the content from which they were drawn.

I know the IG and the people that work for him are indeed smart people.  Do you think it is really possible they could issue this report and think that people would not reach this conclusion?  I think not.

You have to ask yourself how much of this report was edited.  Was the IG pressured to issue such a conflicted report?  Was the IG threatened to issue this report in this condition?  Was his family threatened?   The people we are dealing with are desperate so I would not rule anything out.

You can never forget that there are very powerful forces at play here.  The people we are talking about were and are trying their best to overturn the will of the majority of Americans because they think we are inferior to them.

We are talking about Democrats and people that support them turning America into a socialist country.  Do you see the difference in how Hillary was treated and how President Trump is being treated?  The difference is astonishing, and quite frankly, scary.  It appears we now have a two tiered justice system in our country.  If you are wealthy and have political power you do not have to abide by the laws that apply to the common citizen.   Some of you would say “Hello” it’s always been this way, and I would say to you, maybe so; but I have never seen breaking the law so flagrant and abusive to the point of being flippant.   Hillary Clinton just said to hell with the law, I am going to do what I want because those laws do not apply to me.

Meanwhile, Mueller has been investigating Trump based on falsified evidence paid for by Hillary for 18 months and has found nothing.  He has had his investigators kick in the doors of people that helped Trump’s campaign and use other strong-armed tactics to try and get dirt on the President.  Why didn’t the FBI kick in Podesta’s door when they acted like they were investigating Hillary?  The answer is simple; the fix was in for Hillary.  The IG report repeatedly refers to quotes of texts sent by various FBI agents to each other on the Hillary investigation saying how they think Trump is stupid and so are the people that vote for him.  The IG also has quotes from agents saying they can’t allow now President Trump to get elected.

Yet the report says there was no political bias present that affected the Hillary e-mail investigation.  Really?  Does the IG also think we are stupid?

The IG report is informative but it is also insulting to me in that it reads one way and concludes in exactly the opposite way.  To me it proves that our government is so corrupt that it is incapable of investigating itself.  The powers that tried to rig the election are too powerful to worry about the rule of law.

My fellow patriots, we are living in dangerous times when elected officials and the leaders of our country think and act like they are not part of our society.  The fact that many of them are so aloof they consider us to be ignorant and stupid should really anger you.

The midterm elections are coming soon so I encourage you to make it very clear to your candidates that you are not stupid and that if things do not change with respect to everyone being held accountable to existing law, then they will only serve one term and will be voted out.