Racism is what exactly.  I find it very interesting that if you are a white person in America you are now gifted with white privilege.  I’m white and I wish someone would allow me to have some of this privilege because right now I still get my tired butt up Monday through Friday and go to work.  I’ve been doing this for 38 years.  Is that a privilege?

I am so tired of the race card being played by people who do not even know what real racism is.  So let’s examine racism.  Is being a racist limited to only white people?  Does it mean if you are half a person of color and half white then you are only half a racist?  Is that how it works?

Do you see how stupid this can get?  I come from a generation where real racism existed so I know real racism.  It is very hurtful and demeaning to those it is inflicted on.  Many of you reading this article don’t remember how African Americans could not eat in the same part of a restaurant as white people, or they could not drink from the same water fountains as whites, attend the same schools, ride in the front of the bus, or own homes in the same neighborhoods.  This was a sad time for our country but we got through it and thank God have moved on.  I am proud to say that real racism has been greatly reduced during my lifetime.  Does it still exist, yes and it probably always will to a certain degree but comparing now to 40 years ago, America has made huge strides to eliminate it and guess what we continue to try and identify it and eradicate it.  It is a battle that will continue for generations.

So now since the Democratic Socialist have lost the Mueller façade, they are trying to label Trump a racist.  Trump is absolutely not a racist.  Read this article written by the niece of Martin Luther King Jr. she gets it right.  https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/456749-martin-luther-king-jrs-niece-trump-is-not-a-racist  He is a business man.  How in the world can any business person in America today hope to be successful and be openly racist?  Not happening.  Look at Trump’s record.  He signed into law this year prison reform that will greatly benefit African Americans who were imprisoned for minor crimes.  It didn’t get much press because nothing good he does is ever reported as it should be.

Look at African America unemployment both adult and youth; it is the lowest in over 40 years.  President Trump’s bringing jobs back to America policies has benefitted everyone here regardless of skin color.

The Socialist are saying that Trump is fanning the fire of racism with his immigration policies.  What a load of dung.  He is doing what no President, Republican or Socialist has done in the last 50 years; he is actually trying to enforce the laws already on the books.  He is trying to protect the sovereignty of our nation.  Can someone tell me the problem with this?

So we now have the 2020 Socialist candidates, most of them white with privileges calling Donald Trump a racist.  This is how desperate they are because they know their policies run contrary to mainstream Americans.  They know the President embraces freedom and capitalism and they despise both.  Never forget this people, the socialist want the government to control every aspect of your life.  When you get old and sick and your medical costs get too high they will also control when you die.  Socialism is an evil failed system that concentrates power that is controlled by the select few in the government.  They will do anything and say anything to get you to believe the government will take good care of you, when in reality exactly the opposite is true.  So the name calling and false stories they spread about Trump is just their attempt to fool you into believing they are wholesome when in truth and in fact they are the epitome of deceit and are trying to destroy the fabric of our nation.

Do not be fooled by their rhetoric.  Look at what Trump does not what they are saying.

Freedom is not Free