The lies of the left never stop.  It seems like wherever you look, no matter where, there are problems.  What’s really a shame is that political leaders like to amplify the problems and spin the problems to further their ideology.

What’s really shameful is that the Democratic Socialist is hell bent on driving a bigger wedge between the races.  It seems as though they want white people to feel guilty for being white.  Is that crazy or what?  I mean they are practically telling everyone that if you are white you’re probably a racist.  Not only is that a lie, it is also dangerous.  What’s really absurd is that there are white Democrats.  Are the white Democrats not racists because they are Democrats?  Are only white Republicans racists?  Is there accurate data out there that says more Republicans are racists than Democrats?  Are people of color not racists because they are not white?  Do you see how stupid this gets if you think about it?  Are there racists?  Yes, but guess what they come in all colors, and no matter the color, they do not help society.  So you have the Democratic Socialist, pitting people of color against white people.  The socialist act like they are the saviors of people of color.  This is a ruse, a flim flam, a con job, and bull***t.

I’ve written what I’m about to write before but I really can’t write it enough.  Joe Biden, AOC, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and all the other Democratic Socialist do not care about any race over the other.  All they care about is establishing an all-powerful centralized government that will control your lives and future generation’s lives from cradle to grave.  Socialism is a lie.  It always has been a lie.

Socialism wipes out the middle class.  There will be two classes, the political elite, and the low wage workers.  You want examples, fine, look at China, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or Russia, or North Korea.  None of these countries have a middle class.  China is desperately trying to create one to avail social unrest.  Why, because the internet allowed the Chinese to see the lifestyle of people in countries with a middle class.  So just in the last 10 years some Chinese are making enough money to buy a car, or purchase an apartment home.  Just so you know, they really don’t own the home,  because there is no private ownership of real estate in socialist countries.  So what they do is purchase a long term lease that they can sell, with government approval of course.

How does socialism remove the middle class? One of the ways is with the confiscation of private property by the state or by forcing a change of ownership.  You say, “Well Joe Biden and Warren are not advocating government take-over of private real estate.”  Socialism is sneaky and indirect.  Of course they can’t write a law that confiscates private property, people would revolt, but what they can do and will do is tax the ownership away.  I am sure some of you have heard of the “death tax”.  This is the way socialism takes a family’s property.  Let’s say your parents have a business or a large family farm and they plan on leaving it to you and your siblings when they pass away.  To make a long story short, if an aggressive “death tax” is ever passed and becomes law, when your parents pass, whatever the value of the estate is, you will be taxed at a very high percentage of that worth.  Guess what that means, if you can’t pay the tax, it becomes a property of the state or you are forced to sell it to pay the tax.

Do you see how desperate the socialist have become since 2016?  They have done their best to tear this country apart.  Donald Trump can do nothing right.  The media and the socialist have coordinated their efforts to sabotage his Presidency.

Can you imagine the backlash if some of the things said about Trump and his family had been said about Obama?

Now they are trying to say Trump botched the virus response.  More bull***t.  He cannot win with this because if he were to lay down strict federal mandates for the response then the socialist governors would quickly cry foul that he overstepped his authority.  So, he let the state form their own response and now that cases are back on the rise, the states are blaming it on a lack of federal oversight.  Crazy.

Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon, the socialist mayor there wants federal law enforcement out of his town while rioters and looters try and destroy federal buildings.  Federal buildings were built with taxpayer money from all 50 states and they belong to all of us.  It is Trump’s job to protect federal lands and property, but if the mayor wants to let looters and rioters destroy state and city property then let it happen.  I think that it is irresponsible and stupid and sets a bad precedent.

We are definitely at a crossroad in America.  In November we are going to have to decide to keep freedom or let it die with socialism.  Like it or not, Trump represents freedom and Biden represents socialism.  That’s where we are.

Remember this, if Biden gets into office, the socialist will do everything they can to change the rules going forward to insure socialism will prevail, removing freedom and liberty from America forever.