The middle class lives with Trump and dies with Biden.  What a preposterous statement you say.  Well, no not really and here is why.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party do not want a vibrant middle class. A strong middle class represents a threat to their power.  Do you want some examples?  Let’s look at the stalled stimulus package that Nancy Pelosi will not agree to.  What’s the deal?  Well the Republicans want the second stimulus to be focused on the middle class unemployed, small businesses, and airlines.  Meanwhile, Pelosi and the Democrats want to use our taxpayer dollars to shore up failing Democratic run cities and states that suffer from huge budget shortfalls from overextended, outdated pension policies and just plain local government abuse and corruption.

Look at what Biden said about the oil industry and fracking.  He wants to shut it down.  Now, who do you think that will harm the most?  You got it, the middle class.  Energy costs will skyrocket and other prices will increase as well.  There will be huge job losses and the ripple effect will be felt by every American.  Like it or not, we are just not ready to end the use of fossil fuels.  There is no economical viable option to the way energy is produced and consumed in America today.  There may be someday, but it’s just not a reality today.  Biden/Harris wants to force their ideology on energy down the throats of Americans and what it will do is strangle the life out of the middle class.  This is their goal.

You say well that’s just not true.  Yes, unfortunately it is.  Socialism thrives on an ill-informed, docile, subservient electorate.  A middle class that has resources, stays informed, and is willing to speak up is an enemy of the Biden/Harris state.  Many of you are thinking I’m full of crap right now.  Okay, I’ll give you that.  But here is what I will also give you.  Google median income of Russia, Cuba, China, and Venezuela and compare it to median income of America and get back with me.  That will be an eye opener for you.  In all of those socialist countries, the government or state insures its continued control my smothering the middle class.  Again, they do not want any potential threat rising up from below.

Biden/Harris will tax away the income of the middle class.  You say, that’s not true, good old Joe says he is only going to tax the rich and the evil corporations.  OMG don’t be naïve.  Free government health care, free college education, and free child care, does anyone reading this really believe there is enough “rich” people to pay for all that?  Well if you do, I just got a scoop that you can buy some really cheap beachfront property in Arizona, don’t tell anyone just go buy some.

And what about taxing corporations.  Folks, listen up; corporations don’t pay taxes.  That’s right you say, and they should.  Newsflash for you, we, the middle class, pay the tax because when the corporations pay more we pay more for the products they produce.  You say, that’s not fair and the answer is, that’s business.  Please don’t forget that increasing taxes and the cost of doing business will only encourage corporations to leave America and take their jobs with them.  We’ve been there done that.  Biden/Harris will put us back on that road to job loss and middle class income shrinkage.

I have written extensively on how the Democratic Socialist Party in America with Biden/Harris leading their charge, wants to end the America we love; and I wonder if my writing is resonating.  There are so many forces against freedom right now and I feel like I am whispering in a hurricane.  It just hurts me to see the country I grew up in about to slide off into the abyss of socialism.

Very soon you will vote.  On one hand you have an arrogant, narcissistic, successful capitalist with Donald Trump.  On the other hand, you have a crooked corrupt, lifelong good ole boy politician, never worked in the private sector, Joe Biden who is controlled by socialist.

Really not an awesome choice, but that’s where we are.

Like it or not, if you want the best chance for freedom to survive; you have to give it its best chance and vote for Trump.