I am hearing the left and the media, one in the same; say various things about President-elect Trump saving the jobs in Indiana with Carrier staying.  He also met with Ford previously and they are staying.  Would you like to compare what Trump did with Carrier and Obama did with Solyndra, let’s do.

Trump met with Carrier senior management and gave them his word that he was going to make the climate for business better in America.  He also told them that the money they were going to save using lower wages paid to workers in Mexico would be eaten up with a new tariff on goods coming back into the U.S. from overseas produced by companies leaving the U.S.

What did Obama and the Democrats do?  They approved a 500 million dollar government secured loan to Solyndra.  In less than 8 months Solyndra closed shop, all the workers were laid off and the taxpayers were left with a 500 million dollar bad loan.  None of the money was recovered and no Solyndra executive went to jail.  Where did the money go?  We still don’t know.

Trump gets it.  We must get manufacturing jobs back in America. We must keep manufacturing jobs here.   Jobs must come from the private sector not the government.  Trump understands that he must make it economically feasible for business to manufacture here, pay a livable wage, provide benefits, and still make a profit for shareholders.  He has only two tools to accomplish this, lower corporate taxes and reduce burdensome regulations.

Let’s hope all of the lawmakers will allow him to implement his plan.  If not America will continue to suffer and when we suffer, lawmakers are shown the door.  One would hope they have learned that by now.  We will see.