Does anybody out there notice how deep, dark, and nasty the swamp is in Washington D.C.?  Do you even care that the politicians we elect to run this country are more interested in lining their pockets and maintaining their power than in trying to save this country?  I don’t care whether you are a Republican or Democrat, neither party is doing anything about the debt, tax overhaul, medical care system, failing infrastructure, failing schools, and the Constitutional crisis we have because politicians are not subjected to the same laws the citizens are. 

Do you know why Washington can only act like a reality TV show?  The reason is that the low hanging fruit on actions to take is gone.  All that is left is hard decisions and hard votes.  So guess what, here is their plan, we’ll just milk this fake Russian collusion scandal until the udder is empty.  This will keep the public occupied for at least a year.

Then it will be an election year and the public doesn’t expect anything to happen then.  By that time they’ll be something else to distract the people and we’ll latch on to that for another ride.

Guess what, all this time we’ll rack in our contributors money, collect our salary and benefits and take it to the bank.  We won’ have to do jack crap about anything.

All Obama wanted to do is drive us to communism and he did a good job with that.  President Trump is trying to pump the brakes to stop the slide but is getting no help.  He is limited on who he can trust, I think he can trust Pence and Sessions and he can for sure trust his family, but beyond that, it is sketch at best.

So why am I writing this?  Hopefully this will inspire you to write your Congressman and Senator and tell them to move or lose their seat.  I am worried about their inaction, their inability to function and run our country.  Have you taken a peek at our debt counter recently?  It will really scare you.

Are you concerned that nothing is being done?  Do you really believe that America is too big to fail?

If you are reading this I encourage you to let your voice be heard.  Don’t expect things to get better on their own.  The only thing that will scare the crap out of a politician is for them to think we are waking up.  That’s the last thing they want.

So please speak and speak loudly for the sake of our country.