“People will do what they do” says Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi regarding people destroying National Monuments.  What an absolute disgrace of leadership for our country.  These mobs of lawless people destroy our heritage right before our eyes and this is what one of the supposed leaders of our country has to say about it.  She refuses to condemn these activities because she hopes to win favor with these mobs.  She is sacrificing the foundation of our country and our safety and the safety of our children to establish socialism and complete government control.

Democrats across the country endorse the “cancel culture” and ignore the pleas from honest hard working people to stop the madness.  Instead they combine forces with the media to incite conflict between God fearing people and the mob that spreads madness and anarchy.

This is what you can expect from a Biden presidency.  He will condone and allow the de-funding of our police forces across our country.  The cities will no longer be safe to live in.  The police that are left after the huge budget cuts will likely not respond to many areas of our cities because they will be outnumbered and fear for their lives.  Who could blame them?  Even now the Democratic leaders of these cities are capitulating to these mobs by allowing them to desecrate small businesses in city blocks all in the name of political correctness.  It is shameful and dangerous.

Joe Biden will be nothing more than a tool for the radical left in our country.  He is no longer a moderate Democrat.  I don’t know if there are any moderate Democrats left in the U.S.  If there are, they are probably afraid for their lives to speak up.  The current Democratic Party denounces God, law and order, and honest work in favor of doing whatever it takes to insure the 100% conversion of the United States to socialism and complete government control of every aspect of our lives.

If you believe that any lives matter to the Democratic Party then you are truly a fool.  The only lives that matter to them are the lives that will further their objective to increase the central government’s power allowing for the end of the United States Constitution.  Here is something I want you potential Democratic voters to ponder, let’s say, God forbid; your party takes power in November.  Do you really believe they will allow protests like these to continue?  Well, let me ask you another pertinent question, how many violent, destructive protests like ours do you see taking place in China, Russia, Cuba, or Venezuela?  Your answer has to be none.  First of all you would never see them because the state run media would never allow it and secondly, you would absolutely never see the state’s response because it would be savage, bloody, and deadly.  These countries do not believe in free speech, and they have no freedom.  In these countries you are considered guilty until proven innocent.  These governments simply crush protesters and relocates them to government work camps or worse.

What is most ironic about what is happening right now in our country is this.  People are demonstrating in this country because racism exists and because it exists, policies in place are all tainted with it.  Here is a very important question you must ponder.  Is it your belief that racism does not exist in socialist, communist countries?  Do you really believe that a super powerful centralized government can end racism?  Is it your belief that social injustice does not exist in socialist/communist countries?

The reality of it is that racism does exist in these countries and they just live with it.  It is suppressed and never is addressed.

You should be thankful that in America we have recognized it and have been trying to eliminate it for a long time now.  Is there more to do, yes and that will be ongoing far into the future.

Social injustice, corruption, and prejudice run rampant in socialist/communist countries.  Of course you don’t see it or hear about it because again, the state controls all means of communication in and out of the country.

So my point is why would you embrace a political system the Democrats are endorsing that would only limit or end your voice of frustration?  In the Democrat Socialist system the only voice you will hear is the voice of the state.  Other opposing voices will be muted using whatever means necessary to do so.  An all-powerful centralized government can only exist by establishing iron fisted control and maintaining that control.

The system we have now; though not perfect, is far better than socialism the Democrat Party is trying to sell.

You need to really think about what I have written here when you vote in November.  Our freedom is in great jeopardy.