Assaulting the Presidency and insulting our intelligence.  It is a real shame that the Democratic Party is more focused on hating President Trump and America than on helping our citizens and our country.

This whole impeachment is nothing more than yet another attempt to smear the President.  There is no evidence to justify what the Democrats are doing.  They were defeated in 2016 and they have not been able to accept it.  They also realize that none of their candidates can beat Donald Trump.  The Democratic Party has gone too far left and they have left most Americans behind.

Look at the accomplishments of President Trump with no help from the Democrats.  He negotiated a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico that replaced NAFTA.  He just signed phase one of a new trade deal with China that gives us the ability to penalize them for intellectual theft.  He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and we moved our embassy there.  In his first term, President Trump has done more to secure our border with Mexico than the last three Presidents.  He lowered our personal income taxes and the corporate rate to incentivize the return of manufacturing jobs to America.  He has appointed over 150 federal judges to the various courts across our country who are constitutional judges that will not legislate from the bench.  I could keep going but you get my point.  He puts America and our freedom first.  He loves America.

Meanwhile the Democratic Socialists continually try and roadblock everything Trump tries to do.  The American press is over 90% negative when reporting about the Trump Presidency.  I no longer watch any news channels because I cannot stand the lies, negative innuendos, and outright hypocrisy of the American media toward this President.  No other President has been assaulted by the media more than Trump and his family has.

A few weeks ago, right after Trump ordered the killing of the number 1 leader of Iranian terrorism General Soleimani, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he took a call from a mother of a soldier in the 182nd rapid response force who was just deployed to the Middle East.  The call was memorable to me so I want to share her message.  I want to try and re-create this so bear with me.  This lady was clearly emotional as her voice was cracking as she told Rush about her son.  She said, “I love my son Rush and he only has 4 months and his enlistment will be up.  I want you to know this Rush, that I am 120% behind our President.  Rush I have a bigger concern and that is I believe we have a bigger enemy here than in the Middle East.  I believe our biggest threat is the Democratic Party here at home.”  This mother absolutely gets it.  Even in her emotional state she recognizes the big picture.

It is a sad but true fact that the majority of the Democratic Party wants to convert America to socialism.  Their top 2 candidates for the Presidency, Senators Warren and Sanders both have strong socialist beliefs and promote socialist agendas.  I really don’t understand why someone would vote to relinquish their freedoms to the federal government.  There is no where on Earth where socialism and or communism have accomplished what freedom and capitalism has.  Compare China, Russia, and France to the United States.  There is no comparison; we have achieved more in our short history than they have in their much longer existence.  This is attributable to freedom and capitalism by allowing individuals to achieve whatever they can.

I know I have written this before, but in the time we live in now by repeating this more and more, hopefully the song of freedom will be heard and understood by more, and they will vote to keep freedom alive in 2020.