Yesterday July 9th 2017 Matt Patrick talk show host of KTRH 740 radio station in Houston Texas lost his battle with cancer.

Matt Patrick was a good man, a family man that loved what he did.  He and Shara Fryer did the early morning show and they did a very good job.  Matt taught Shara the ropes regarding radio talk show.  Shara’s background was television and when she started it was rough for her but Matt tutored her along until she became more and more relaxed.

Matt’s life was no different than many other people, he was not perfect.  He was a recovering alcoholic and he would mention that in some of his shows.  He went through a divorce and then re-married and was in a happy marriage until cancer took him away from us.  He loved both of his families and sought to be a good father.

He tried to be respectful to all of his guests and I never heard him be rude or caustic to any of his guests.  He may not agree with them, but he listened to their perspective.

Matt we will miss you and please know, that we know, you gave it your all, and that’s all anyone can do.

May God welcome you home Matt, you have earned your peace and we celebrate the gift you left with us; memories of your great talent.