Recently Mitt Romney wrote a piece for The Atlantic entitled “America is in Denial.” I read the piece and there is some validity to what he wrote but he ended the piece by refusing to acknowledge his and other leaders of our country failure for decades to do what is right for America and Americans.  Instead they pursue easy political achievements and or personal gains.

Let’s expand on denial Mitt and really identify who is in denial.

Social Security is slowly dying and has been for a decade.  What have lawmakers done to shore it up?  Nothing, Nada.  Neither party has done anything to stop this entitlement from sinking and yet Americans continue to pay this tax from their checks.  Do you know why nothing has been done?  The main reason is that there is no easy fix for this system.  Nothing is easily done with Social Security from a political perspective.  Either people pay more, or benefits are reduced, or you must wait longer to collect your benefit.  So Mitt, politicians do what they always do on difficult issues; they deny it exists and kick the can down the road.

Let’s proceed to Medicare and Medicaid.  Both of these systems are financially strapped.  Doctors and hospitals have a hard time getting paid while having to wrestle with huge amounts of paperwork.  Both systems have experienced fraud and corruption and yet politicians just continue to throw our money at them.  It will take real work to fix these systems and some hard decisions will have to be made.  More denial from the leadership of our country.  Yet another can down the road.

Let’s talk about our debt Mitt.  I believe it’s now 23 trillion.  Are any of you people pumping the brakes?  I doubt if any of you know where the brake pedal is.  Both parties just spending cash we don’t have.  Why not pump the brakes?  Again; nothing popular about that.  Most of you hope that you can get out of office before the fecal matter hits the fan and with interest rates rising that may be sooner rather than later.  But for now, use that rope a dope maneuver, and give that can another kick.  That’s pure denial Mitt and mothers and teachers don’t have a say about the national debt; but you do.

You want more denial Mitt?  Let’s talk illegal immigration.  Neither party will enforce the laws that are currently on the books.  Democrats think that they will get future votes from these immigrants and Republicans get cheap labor.  And guess who pays for these illegal immigrants as they overload our systems; you got it, American mothers and fathers.

Most of the denial that exists in our country today begins and ends in Washington DC.

You have socialist Democrats who want to transfer America into a socialist country.  I can’t figure out why they desire to do this because socialism has failed wherever it has been tried when compared to what we have done in 300 years with freedom.  You would think a light bulb would come on with one simple question “Why doesn’t China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela have an illegal immigration problem?”  But I guess the thirst for power and total control of people’s lives is a hard thirst to quench.

Republicans do very little when they are in control because they are not unified and don’t speak with a unified voice.

This is how Mitt ended his piece.  “While we wait, leadership must come from fathers and mothers, teachers and nurses, priests and rabbis, businessmen and businesswomen, journalists and pundits. That will require us all to rise above ourselves—above our grievances and resentments—and grasp the mantle of leadership our country so badly needs.”

Guess what Mitt we have been waiting for leadership from DC for decades and look where we are now.

This July 4th a WW2 veteran crying tears and saying this is not the America he went to war for.  He is leadership Mitt and I know how he feels; many of us do.