Get ready Americans the cost of your health care is about to go up and the amount of health care you receive is going to be less. 

The penalty for not having health insurance next year could consume your entire IRS return should you have one.

For you people with coverage through your employer, look for your monthly cost of insurance to increase while your deductible also increases.

More part time workers because businesses are not required to provide insurance.

Fewer doctors accepting Medicare and Medicaid because they can’t survive on what those plans pay.

You have to understand that Obama and the Democrats designed the system to be unpopular; but only after he was out of office.  They count on the memory of Americans to be short so that the party in power will be blamed for the collapse.  Remember, the Democrats passed this law with the premise that the average American voter is stupid.  As I have said before, this is the first step to socialized medicine.

So what’s next?  Well the IRS will have to begin enforcing the penalty phase of the law.  You will have to furnish proof of coverage on your return or you will pay the fine.

Full time employee hiring will now slow down.  More thought by business will be put into each hire.  If they can be almost as productive with fewer employees then they will not hire.

Soon companies that provide health care insurance will be hit with a Cadillac tax.  If the coverage they offer their employees exceeds a certain dollar amount the company will be taxed for each employee whose coverage exceeds that government limit.  What do you think will happen here?   Well, one of two things, either the company will lower the coverage amount for each employee or, the employee will have to pay more for the same coverage to cover the tax increase to the employer. 

It is really sad that we have reaced this point, but we have and now we will suffer the consequences.  What’s really sad is that so many people are disconnected they don’t have a clue as to what lies ahead. 

One more thing that really irks me is that the politicians exempted themselves and their staff’s from the same law that we are subjected to.  That’s right, they will keep what they have while we lose or pay more for what we have.  This should not happen.  I am writing my representatives and telling them I want to see an amendment to the law that makes them and their staff’s included in the same law we are subjected to.   They are no better than we are, although many in Washington really believe they are. 

Therein lies the problem.