How deep is the deep state?  Well I can tell you from what I have read and heard, the operators of the deep state are very wealthy and are paying huge sums of money as they manage their army of puppets.  Now I will tell you I am no conspiracy theory whacko but there are things in play here that I never thought possible in the United States of America.

These puppet masters are extremely wealthy.  For instance, how much do you think it cost them to get Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the illegal Russian collusion investigation?  How much was he compensated for appointing Rod Rosenstein to head up the investigation for the Justice Department?  Then how much was Rosenstein paid to appoint Robert Mueller as special council?  Just think about it, all of these people were set into motion after everything that was done to create the fake need for the investigation.

The masters bought and paid for the Director of the FBI James Comey, Deputy Director McCabe, a host of other FBI investigators.   Attorney General Loretta Lynch was also part of the process.  I will just about guarantee you that Loretta and wild Bill talked about a lot more than grandchildren during that tarmac meeting.  I wonder what dollar figures were mentioned?  I wonder where the money was deposited.

Where did the money come from to allow Hillary Clinton to pay for the Steele dossier?  Where did Hillary get the money to buy the DNC and tell Bernie to take a hike?  How much and how many FBI investigators were paid to turn a blind eye to what Hillary was doing on her private server?

These same people also own the media, or most of the media.  Having the majority of media outlets on your side is huge.  The truth is what you say is the truth and if you repeat it enough times it becomes the truth.

The puppet masters are all socialist and want the power of government to increase so if someone speaks out against their desires they can use the power of the government to crush them.  Like using the IRS to deny tax free status to the tea party, or using executive orders to write immigration law bypassing Congress, sound familiar?  How about using the EPA to write rules that advance your agenda again bypassing Congress.

Do I believe President Barrack Obama was a part of this?  Do you think all of these things could have happened around him and he not be aware of it?  Not possible.  I am almost sure he was compensated in other ways not necessarily financially.

You have to understand this; the Democratic Party is not the party it was 25 years ago.  The Democratic Party is now totally embracing socialism and communism.  The puppet masters own the Democratic Party and they want socialism for the reasons mentioned above.  This would cement their power and end our freedom.  Again, I cannot understand the desire for any group of powerful, wealthy people to want to transform the United States into a socialist country.  There is no socialist/communist country on this earth that has been as successful as the United States; never.  Look at Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, China; they have nothing compared to what we have.

So you say Don, if the deep state is as powerful as you say what can we do to try and save our country?  Well I can only offer one answer, use your vote when the time comes.  That is the only power we have that they cannot control.  We still have free elections, at least for now.  When you vote, if you want freedom to continue for your children and grandchildren then you cannot vote for the Democratic candidate.  It is sad that I am writing this, but it is true, just look at their platform and ask yourself, how can they pay for all of the free things they offer.  There is only one way, they must take from you and distribute your wealth as they see fit.   Nothing is free, and beware of those that say things are.