The Democratic Party chooses to hate versus legislate.  Since 2016 the sole purpose of the Democratic Party has been to reverse the desires of the American people by trying to overturn the election of Donald Trump as the President of our country.

Have you ever asked yourself why this is so important to the left?  Well, I can give you at least two good reasons.  One being that President Trump is not like any other Republican President.  Previous Republican Presidents just laid back and took the verbal abuse of the Democrats and the press.  They seemed to never want to fight back and defend themselves.  Well bring in Donald Trump.  If you hit Trump with verbal abuse, you can count on an equal or more aggressive response.  He will not sit back and just let the abuse come only in his direction.  He will fight back.  The Democrats hate this about him.  They really don’t have an answer for it.  This bothers some people because they don’t like his tweets. They say it isn’t Presidential.  Well, to this I would say that there has never been an American President that has been treated as poorly as Donald Trump by the news media.  He receives over 90% negative coverage for whatever he does.  Almost no media outlet ever publishes his accomplishments and if they do, they do so in a negative context.  So, the only way for him to get what he is thinking or what is on his mind out to the American people is through tweets.  Very sad for our country that the media outlets are a puppet for the Democratic Party.

Probably the biggest reason for the left’s obsessive desires to remove Trump is their fear of 4 more years of him.  They really don’t have an electable candidate to run against him and they know it.  So what’s the big deal?  Well the big deal is the appointment of more Federal judges and possibly 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices.  That is the root cause of the left’s hatred of Trump.  He has already appointed far more Federal judges than recent Presidents and with 4 more years he will appoint many more.  Why is this so important to the left?  Well because the left historically used the judicial branch to enact legislation through the courts when they could not get it through the Legislative branch.  For years the courts have been sympathetic to the left and would pretty much legislate from the bench.  Trump is appointing judges that believe in the Constitution and will rule only whether something is constitutional or not.  Conservative judges don’t legislate from the bench, but rather will tell Congress to pass a bill if they want it to become law.  This is the way it is supposed to work.  This is why our founding fathers created co-equal branches of government the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  You know what is truly sad is how few young people even understand this and how our government is supposed to function.

You must also understand the left’s disdain for freedom.  They think the average American is too stupid to understand what is good or not good for them.  According to the left, the masses should not be allowed to have a voice in the direction of the country.  The left or socialist wants to dictate to us what they think we should do, say, see, hear, or read.  They want to control our lives from cradle to grave.  They will take money from us and distribute it to whatever cause they feel is deserving, never mind what we think.  If people like Bernie Sanders gain power you must understand what they stand for.  They stand for removing decisions that are now made by you and give that power to the federal government.  They will tell you what your children will do for a living.  They will tell you where you will live.  They will tell you what medical care you will receive.  The list of loss of freedom will be large and once you lose it, to regain it will be very costly.

Remember, with socialism what benefits the state is more important than what benefits you or your family.  The state becomes more important than the individual and when that happens the light of freedom is extinguished.