The Democratic Socialist Party is destroying the Presidency at the cost of ruining the executive branch of government for all future presidents no matter what party.  The Socialists have done nothing since gaining control of Congress except to investigate and thwart the President at all cost.

They have not passed any meaningful legislation to help our country.  Instead they make up lies about the current administration and use their puppet media friends to spread them.  I am so sick of this crap.  They claim illegal immigrant detention centers are like concentration camps in Nazi Germany during WWII.  What a load of excrement.  They are so vocal about this issue but they have done zero, nada to try and close the border.  They don’t care that everyday coyotes are raping women and young girls as they smuggle them across the border.  They don’t care that some of these young women are sold into sex trafficking and forced to do other horrible things to pay their way across the border.  There is no limit to their hypocrisy when they call Trump a sexist when it is them turning a blind eye to the abuse immigrant women are suffering.

Now I ask you, why did Obama tell Biden”Joe you don’t have to do this.” referring to Joe Biden running for the Presidency.  Well I don’t believe Obama told Biden that because he cared about Joe’s health.  What I do believe is that Obama does not want to re-live the scandals that took place during his and Joe’s administration.  He knows that once again people will be looking at his already badly damaged legacy.  I’ve written about this before but the list continues to grow.  Solyndra, Louis Lerner and the weaponizing the IRS against conservative groups, fast and furious run by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, Benghazi fiasco, dumping plane loads of cash to the Mullahs of Iran, weaponizing the FBI and Justice Department to spy on the Trump campaign and last but not least allowing a foreign intelligence investigation to move forward based on the fake Steele dossier.  Oh yeah, I forgot about allowing the EPA to write onerous regulations to control things he knew he could not legislate, in other words to bypass Congress.  Obama knows that all of these things will be brought up again and the main question for Joe will be “Well what about it Joe, did you know?”  There are more examples of abuses of power but I want to move on.

No President in my lifetime has ever had to endure what this President has to deal with.  The Socialist and the media have teamed up to negatively report on whatever he does.  They will lie, omit, and slant their reports to make Trump look as bad as possible.  He has only a handful of supporters in D.C. and the people he can truly trust he can count on one hand.  It is truly a shame.  It is irresponsible, dangerous and borders on treasonous how the Socialist infiltrate the office of the President and listen in on his telephone calls, conversations, and read his letters, then leak them to the press.  This has never happened before and is setting a dangerous precedent.  What is really sad is that the Socialist don’t realize that Trump understands this and knows that others are likely listening in on all of his conversations therefore is very careful not to say anything that can be used against him.  What a sad place we are in when the leader of the free world cannot carry out the duties we elected him to do because of the hatred from the people we kept out of power and those that wish to steal it.

The latest scandal is by some “whistleblower” that supposedly heard a phone conversation between Trump and the leader of Ukraine where Trump was asking if Joe Biden used his influence while Vice President to help his son get out of trouble in Ukraine.  There is actual documented evidence of Biden alluding to some sort of influence regarding this while he was VP.  Of course this is probably just another attempt to start some sort of scandal to try and bring Trump down.  The socialist are so desperate and irresponsible that this will likely backfire just like the Mueller report did.  Matter of fact, this will likely lead to uncovering actual misdeeds committed by Joe Biden when he was the VP and spell the end of his candidacy.

The foundation of socialism is built on lies, trickery, complete disregard for the rule of law, and that the electorate cares more about the empty promises socialists communicate than the freedoms they will lose for an empty basket.

The media and socialist are in lock step with each other.  Don’t be fooled by their lies and deception.  Never forget that nothing is free, and that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.