Biden says I had no idea.  How many times do you think we will hear Joe Biden say this regarding questions about the shenanigans that occurred during the Obama/Biden administration?

I won’t go back to the early days of Joe Biden and dig up any memorable quotes, and there are plenty, because what he was complicit with during the Obama Presidency is much more sinister and serious.  It seems as if no one wants to speak of what happened during Joe’s terms as Obama’s VP because Obama was our first African American President.  I am not a racist, I am a realist and to me, the color of one’s skin does not allow you to circumvent the Constitution when it comes to upholding the Oath of Office you swore to follow.  Following the law and the intent of the Constitution is what separates us from third world countries.  Protecting the sparation of power is what protects our Republic.

Let’s start with Solyndra the solar panel company that received 500 million dollars in federal loans then almost immediately went out of business.  Never paid any of the loans back, the money all disappeared, hundreds of employees lost their jobs and nobody went to jail.  What say you Joe?

What about G.E. Capital receiving TARP funds during the financial crisis?  Somehow they were re-classified so they become eligible for these funds.  I guess I don’t have to remind you that their CEO at the time Jeff Immelt was Obama’s job czar.  I am sure that was just a coincidence.  What about it Joe, were you involved in that decision?

Let’s move on to weaponizing the IRS.  Obama had no problems allowing his IRS to deny tax free status to conservative political groups like the TEA Party while allowing liberal socialist political groups almost 100% approval.  Remember how 24,000 of Lois Lerner’s e-mails came up missing because the back-up tapes were destroyed. It only gets better from here because Obama and Biden are just warming up.

Then we have “fast and furious” where Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, decided he was going to sell Mexican drug cartels guns and then try and track them into Mexico.  Many said he had ulterior motives but we will never know because the issue was never fully investigated.  The only way we found out about fast and furious was because one of these guns was used to kill a border patrol agent by the name of Brian Terry.  Do you remember how Obama and Holder did everything they could to slow the investigative process into this gun walking scheme.  Where were you when this was happening Joe?

Let’s talk about foreign affairs and we’ll begin with a line in the sand that Obama drew regarding the Assad regime using chlorine and phosgene gas on his own people.   How many times did Assad do this to his people and how many lines did Obama and Biden draw?

Then we have the Libyan disaster where Gaddafi was killed while we were backing a no fly zone over Libya.  After he was killed there was no plan in place on what the next step would be.  This happened in 2011.  In 2012 is when our Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were slaughtered at our embassy there.  This is when the Obama administration including Hillary Clinton tried to say a movie sparked these violent murders.  These Americans were crying for help before they died and no rescue attempts were made.  They were sacrificed for political correctness. No one knows where Obama was that night.  Where were you Joe?

The last foreign affair disaster was the Iran nuclear weapon deal where we agreed to lift sanctions and return their money we had frozen in return for them verbally agreeing to not develop nuclear weapons at least for a while.  We were going to have inspection rights to verify that they were abiding by the agreement but only after we gave them plenty of notice.  Oh yeah, and there were some areas that we could not inspect no matter how much notice we gave.  We flew plane loads of cash back to them in the dark of the night so they could have their money as soon as possible.  This was done so there was no way to electronically stop the transfer should word leak out to the media.  Did you help load the planes Joe?

Now it’s 2015 and election time.  Hillary played second fiddle for eight years for Obama and Biden and now it’s her time.   The only problem was that Obama/Biden did so much damage to the country during their eight years the last thing people wanted was the chance of four more years of that kind of leadership.  Many people were afraid the country would not survive it.  Hillary knew that and she was so desperate for her turn she did things to insure her victory.  My guess is that Obama also knew it was going to be an uphill battle so he also did things to try and insure her victory.  Now many people will argue that he knew nothing of weaponizing the FBI and the Justice Department but there is no way those things took place and he not know about it.  Hillary paid for the now famous Steele dossier and the Obama/Biden FBI and Justice Dept. used it to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.  Hillary bought the DNC and pretty much booted poor Bernie to the side.

Then we have Hillary’s illegal private server with classified information on it.  Of course it got hacked and this information was shared with who knows who.  Obama claimed he didn’t know but he did send her e-mails to it.  Then of course the e-mails disappeared and the server was wiped clean; doesn’t that sound familiar?  Where were you Joe?

As I previously mentioned, you had the Obama/Biden FBI clear Hillary for using her private server and having classified information on it before they really even investigated her.  This looked so bad that FBI Director Comey had to come back later and re-open the investigation; of course nothing happened other than pissing a bunch of Democrats off.  Now get this, a lot of these e-mails were also found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and he was married to Huma Abedin who was Hillary’s top aide at the time.  Crazy stuff huh?

In my opinion and in my lifetime the Obama/Biden Administration was the most lawless our Republic has ever endured.  Their Administration is a prime example of what happens when the separate branches of government grow together.

What can Joe say about all this?  Well he could say, look I was only the Vice President not the   President.  I could suggest things but ultimately it was not my decision.  Yes Joe that is true but you could have walked away.  You could have used any number of reasons to leave and people would have believed it, but you stayed.  What worries me Joe is that you knew what was happening and you didn’t leave which speaks volumes about your ethical perspective.

You watching this happen and staying tells me these same things or worse could happen again should you get elected.  That scares me Joe because what you and Obama did has scarred our Republic for life.