Many people reading this blog won’t even know what Nixon and Watergate was all about.  Well, Watergate is a hotel in Washington DC and this is where the Democratic party had set up shop to challenge Nixon in his run for a second term in office.  Bottom line is that Nixon allegedly ordered their offices bugged and phones tapped so he could find out what they were up to.  The infamous White House tapes and the mysterious blank spots in the tapes and testimony from many people close to the President caused President Nixon to resign from office before he was impeached.  Was he guilty?  Probably.  Why did he do it?  Million dollar question because polling at the time had him winning by a landslide.  This all took place in the early 1970’s. Now there’s your snapshot of a history lesson for the day.

Fast forward to 2016 and another election year.  Two candidates, both not popular.  Hillary with so much baggage only a porter with a forlift would have a chance of moving it.  Trump, brash, arrogant, sometimes offensive, but he’s got a message.  The media 100% behind Hillary and forever dogging Trump.  Pollsters doing everything they can to promote polls showing Hillary in the lead by a wide margin.  In the background; however, Obama and the DNC knows it’s much closer than what is being portrayed.  They know Trump’s message is resonating across the land.  Hillary’s baggage is like an anchor that won’t release.

Obama is term limited.  Obama knows the only way he can preserve his legacy is for Hillary to win.  Could this have happened?  Always keep in mind that high level politicians, employ “insulators” that shield them from any wrongdoings.  Another word for them is a fall guy or gal, being politically correct of course.

Let’s look at the Obama administration historical behaviors to see if it might could be used as a predictor for this issue.

  1. Solyndra and the disappearance of a 500 million dollar federally guaranteed loan. His administration approved this loan.  The business closed, employees terminated, the money gone and nobody went to jail.
  2. The IRS scandal. The IRS under Obama begins to target conservative groups such as the Tea Party for their non-profit status.  No liberal groups were targeted.  How many times did the leader of the IRS, Lois Lerner take the 5th amendment?
  3. Fast and Furious. Under Obama and his Justice Department thousands of guns were released into Mexico allegedly in the hopes tracking them to the cartels.  That was the stated purpose but there are many that believe the real purpose was to increase gun violence at the border in order to facilitate tougher gun control laws in the states.  Bottom line is the Mexicans got their hands on a lot more weapons.
  4. Benghazi embassy. Under Obama and Hillary these people were sent in there for unknown reasons with little or no protection.  They came under attack and cried out for help for hours.  They were allowed to die.  Hillary then lied to the family members to their face as to what sparked the attack.  Obama, Commander in Chief, remained quiet. Again interesting.
  5. Immigration Laws. Obama refused to enforce the laws on the books.  He instructed the border patrol to catch and release illegal immigrants.  In one breath he said he did not have the power from the executive branch to change immigration law, and then in another breath he turned around and did it.  Of course he lost in court.
  6. Bowe Bergdahl. Obama traded 5 known terrorist from Guantanamo to get the release of Bergdahl from the Taliban.  Bergdahl had allegedly deserted his post and left a note to that effect.  Why did Obama do this?  If Bergdahl was so important that he was worth releasing 5 known terrorist, why wasn’t he worth a Presidential pardon?
  7. Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. What was discussed in that airplane on that tarmac?  Did Obama sanction that meeting?  We will surely never know but the fact that this meeting took place is a slap in the face to ethical behavior.

You can judge for yourself if you believe this could have happened.  I will guarantee you that there are several layers of insulators between the alleged event and Obama.  The old saying desperate times call for desperate measures might have prevailed.   We will probably never know.

What is really sad is the fact that our government is so powerful and seemingly out of control that there is this kind of doubt.

Today Nancy Pelosi called President Trump “The Deflector in Chief”.  To her I say, in the words of her colleague Rahm Emanuel  ” Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

President Trump I must advise you that the swamp in Washington DC is deep, dark, and nasty.  I wish you the best in draining it, please don’t let it drain you.