Socialism grows using deception and misinformation.  I started with the main purpose being to expose corruption and miss-information and not to allow the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to get a third term in control of the executive branch.  I saw what Obama did to our country and I honestly did not and still do not think our democracy could have survived if the Democrats continued to control the executive branch.  As I have written before, the new Democratic Party has turned to pure socialism and they are not hiding it.  Matter of fact, they are proud of it and are pushing their agenda even harder.

I hope young people will at least read this and think about what I am writing because everywhere socialism is practiced the things I am about to write about have happened.  Socialism increases corruption and lawlessness.  Well you ask, why is that?  If you think about it, it is quite simple.  The more powerful a centralized government the fewer people have control over things that affect the masses.  The fewer people that have the ability to write laws and regulations will insure their agenda is followed and will insure their power is increased.   You want specific examples ok here are some, lawlessness look at what Obama did with the IRS ordering them to target conservative groups that opposed his agenda.  Look at what went on with the Dept. of Justice and the FBI covering up for the Clinton e-mail scandal.  These are examples of powerful people in the government ignoring the laws of our country and basically doing whatever they wished to further their desires.  In socialist countries the leaders ignore the laws that don’t support their views and or write new laws that do.

What’s sad is that this type of behavior is normal in socialist countries.  Of course you never hear about it because the government controls the press just as it will if America goes socialist.  My website, and thousands more like it, will disappear.  There will be no more opposing viewpoints to what the government is doing or not doing.  Is any of this sinking in?  The government will do whatever it wishes ignoring the wishes of the people.

The government does not produce one thing.  The government does not make any money.  The government purchases goods and services with money it takes from us, the middle class, in the form of taxes.  The government takes our tax money and distributes it into various government programs that provide benefits to millions of Americans.  So, every time you hear any politician wanting some program to receive more funding you must understand that money is coming from you.  One of the things socialism promises is that the income playing field will be more level, meaning that there will be fewer rich people and more people will have more money.  They accomplish this with more taxes from you and me and more government programs designed to give people money and benefits.  They re-distribute the wealth which insures they will remain in power by funding the programs that people desire.  Never forget this; nothing is free, someone is paying, maybe not you, but someone is.

Have you heard Bernie Sanders tell his followers that everyone deserves a free college education?  Remember what I said, nothing is free.  Those college campuses are not maintained for free, and guess what, if you quit paying the professors they will stop teaching, trust me.  So how in the world can everyone get a free college education?  Only one way, we the tax payers pay for it.  What is Bernie Sanders not telling you young aspiring college age students?  Well I can assure you this education will come with government strings.  Strings or controls pick what you like but with this “free” education you will be directed to serve the government doing what they want and where they need it done and you will make what they pay you, period.  You will be required to provide this service for whatever time is required, usually the more expensive the degree the more time you will spend in government servitude.  This is how it is done.

Did I mention that there is no private ownership of land with socialism?  The government owns everything.  So the family farm is history, it will now become a national farm and you will be told what to plant and you will be paid a certain amount for your labor.  Owning your own home, apartment, or condo is gone.  You will get to lease where you live for a long term.  If the government wants your home for another purpose, you are moving, no questions asked.  I am not exaggerating here, this is what happens in socialist countries.

There is a lot of deception and secrecy involved with socialism because this form of government cannot be exposed to daylight.  The government has to control what you see, what you read, and how much money you can keep.  With socialism the only rich people are in the government or they’re people who are endorsed by the government and they have pledged their loyalty to the government.  The general citizen has no freedom and no choice.  If the government says this is the way it is, so it shall be.  If you resist, you will be jailed.  Remember in socialist countries there is no presumption of innocence and you will not be judged by a jury of your peers.

I worry where my America is going.  I see us leaning further and further towards socialism and I don’t know how to stop it.  I do know that once you lose freedom you never get it back.  I hope the youth of this country understand this and realize that hundreds of thousands of people over the years have fought and died for us to have our freedom.  Freedom is such a treasure and it is so easy to lose.  God Bless America.