When President George W. Bush left office he did so with honor and respect.  He left and faded into history quietly leaving the new President, Barack Obama to set up his Presidency on his own without being second guessed and without judgement from the former President.

In 2008 Barack Obama’s party had control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency.

In 2010 the people retuned the House of Representatives to the Republicans.

In 2014 the people returned the U.S. Senate to the Republicans

In 2016 the people have returned the U.S. Presidency along with both houses of Congress to the Republicans.

If the government and the Democratic Party of Barack Obama did so well then why has our government been totally transformed in eight years?  Well, it has not done well as judged by the people.

The people have spoken as seen on the map of the states of those being red for Republicans and blue for the Democrats.  This speaks volumes.

The press and the pundits got it wrong.  They are still trying to find their asses as we speak.  They still refuse to admit that liberalism is a failure.  Socialism is a failure.  The hypocrisy of the liberal mind knows no limits.  We all have liberal friends.  I have one question I ask each of them when we talk about the government and how much control it should have and what it should pay for, “How much extra did you give the government above what you were required to pay in income taxes?”  I always get the same answer, “Well nothing, but that’s different.”  No it’s not and if you believe in bigger government then belly up to the bar and pay.  The government will gladly take it.

President elect Trump is in the process of setting up his administration.  I hope Barack Obama will give Donald Trump the same respect George Bush gave him.

You would think that Barack and the press would get the message from the outcome of the election.  We do not listen to you anymore.  You are not credible.  You are noise that we ignore.

The best thing that could happen is for Barack to act as George W. did and fade quietly into history.  I don’t expect him to and I expect the press to be as biased as ever.  This will just alienate more people and people will continue to tune out the noise.

President-elect Trump all we ask you to do is walk the talk.  We were with you, are with you, and will be with you, if you do this.