The rise of socialism equals the demise of America.  Here we are in 2018 and the new Democratic Party is now controlled by socialist.  So now it looks as if there is one party, the Republican Party, against an ideology or socialism.

I never thought I would see the day in America where socialist have taken over one of our major political parties.  That certainly appears to be the case.  This is really scary and I hope working class Democrats don’t support the takeover of their party.

Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are out stumping in Kansas this week supporting a fellow socialist candidate in that state.  They are advocating a guaranteed monthly living wage working or not, free Medicare for all, and free college for everyone.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  You don’t have to work and you still get paid, you go to college and you don’t have to pay, and if you need to see a doctor it’s free.

There is one tiny problem; someone must pay for all these freebies and this is where Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez have a hard time explaining how this will happen.  I promise you at the end of the day there has to be someone making while others are busy taking. Guess what middle class Democrats and Republicans that would be us.  Do not think otherwise.

Let’s use Venezuela as our socialist model since it is the most recent country to enjoy the bliss of socialism.  The first thing the government did there was to inflict crazy high taxes on their wealthy and businesses.  What happened?  Well the wealthy that could get out with their money did so very early, and businesses began to close because their profit was being consumed by the government.  Then the government began to nationalize other countries investments in Venezuela like oil refineries and drilling rigs.  The assets they seized began to falter because they did not have the expertise to maintain them.  Bakeries, farmers, and many other industries were nationalized because the private sector began shutting down for lack of revenue.  I mean why plant crops or manufacture something when the government sets the price you can charge so low you lose money.

Then Venezuela began to default on its debt to its creditors and many other countries quit doing business with them.  To this day, I do not know of any commercial airline flights to Venezuela because airlines are afraid if their planes land there they will not be able to get them out.  Now you must fly to Columbia then drive to Venezuela.

There are thousands of refugees fleeing Venezuela to Columbia every month because they are hungry and wanting the basic necessities for life.

Socialism is a failed dream.  In the history of the world it has never worked.  It completely removes the initiative to produce because there is no financial reward for it.  Let’s face it, everyone wants the finer things in life and money makes that happen.  This is a truism all over the world.  Even in socialist countries, black markets flourish with people trying to get ahead.  Instead of socialist countries promoting entrepreneurship they squash it with oppressive taxes or price controls.   Do not buy into the stupidity of the socialist movement, for it cannot provide what it promises to deliver.

Our forefathers did not sail to America to form a socialist government; they risked everything to get here for freedom.  Freedom is the main energy for the success of a society, just look around you and know that we accomplished all this in less than 300 years.