German Angela Merkel said at the G-7 summit that Europe must stick together and that Britain and the U.S. are not as aligned on climate change as the Europeans are.  She is correct at least as far as the U.S. is concerned.  Merkel can speak for Europe because Germany is supporting the E.U.  Without Germany the E.U fails.

President Trump promised to put America first and he is doing so.   Is mankind having an effect on the environment, I would say yes.  Is mankind having the huge effect climate change advocates are claiming, probably not?

Here is the thing, there are members of the G-7 that are polluting at much higher rates than the U.S. and are not making changes in a timely fashion to lessen their pollution rates.  Both China and India emit huge amounts of dangerous pollution every year and their numbers are not decreasing but increasing.  Finally, this year China has announced a program to shift more power generation from coal to natural gas.

Have you seen the smog in Beijing, it is so bad that schools have erected closed environments so the children can go in this building to have recess, exercise,  and breathe filtered air.  Shanghai is no better.  Many cities in China are faced with this issue every day.

India, who has the fastest growing population in the world, is no better.  As the Indian economy grows so does the demand for goods and services.  Wages are low in India and factory modernization is lagging behind.  Pollution numbers are staggering.

President Trump wants India and China to commit to decreasing their pollution amounts on a faster timetable.  Why the U.S. should put in jeopardy the loss of more jobs to these countries is the big question.  The cost of production is less in these countries due to low wages and less pollution requirements from their governments.  The United States has lost enough manufacturing jobs.  We need to get some of those headed back here and that is exactly what President Trump is trying to do.