Trump the Tasmanian Tornado has challenged CNN and all fake news to a tag team match featuring his partner Pence the Pounder.  They are issuing a challenge to all fake and fraudulent news organizations in America.

This will be a WWF sanctioned event to be conducted wherever and whenever the media has the courage to take on this savage and devastating tag team duo.

This tag team duo has taken on the socialist Democrats and whipped them badly in November of 2016.  The socialist are still reeling from their defeat and have now solicited  help from their allies in the socialist media.

There have been many personal attacks levied against Trump himself and his family.  The Tornado is tired of the lies and fraudulent reports that are intent on slandering his leadership.

Pence the Pounder is a tireless partner who will be there for the Tornado when he needs a rest.

I encourage you to pass the word around once a time and location has been set for this no holds barred tag team match featuring the Trump the Tasmanian Tornado and Pence the Pounder.

Stay tuned for more action packed announcements.