So here we are yet again with the Clintons.  Now it turns out that they allegedly took control of the DNC, the finances of the DNC, and used that power and money to block the campaign of Bernie Sanders.  Why would they do this?  Because they thought themselves a shoe-in to win.

Once Hillary won, she would have the power to erase all these deeds yet again.  This is a classic Clinton move.

Well, the best laid plans don’t always work out now do they?  So it looks as if an African American woman has opened the curtains on the devious dealings of the Clinton’s.  How ironic is that with Bill really believing he was the first African American President?

Clearly there has to be numerous laws broken.  The Clintons are used to skating near the edge of the law but this time the skates had to go in the water at some point.  I really believe that the Democratic Party is through with the Clintons as a result of this.  Even the Democratic socialists have their limits on how much in your face lawlessness they can tolerate.  The limits here are much lower than in Cuba or Russia and that’s bad for the Clintons.

This latest revelation has to result in indictments following a much needed thorough investigation of all of the Clinton activities.  It is past time that they are held to the same laws we are held to.  Well, that may not happen but at least to half of them and even then they should suffer financial losses and perhaps even incarceration.

I mean really, if you look at what Hillary has done and compare it to what Martha Stewart did, Martha looks like a vestal virgin in comparison.