We hear so much about companies that manufacture outside of the USA or that move their manufacturing from the USA to other countries. However, there are many good companies that still manufacture some or all of their products in the USA. They see the benefits of working within our country. It brings jobs to good people. It makes communities stronger, and it helps our economy flourish.

Here’s a list of 25 companies, in a variety of different industries, that still manufacture goods in the USA. You can find out more about these companies and see the full list of the top 50 on our website at http://www.keepusgreat.co/ :

  1. Apple, Inc. (Computer and Other Electronic Products)
  2. Polaris Industries, Inc. (Railcars, Ships & Other Transportation Equipment)
  3. Deluxe Corp. (Publishing & Printing)
  4. Sanderson Farms, Inc. (Food)
  5. Thor Industries, Inc. (Motor Vehicles)
  6. Monster Beverage Corp. (Beverages)
  7. Toro Co. (Machinery)
  8. Sherwin-Williams Co. (Chemicals)
  9. Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (Computers and Other Electronic Products)
  10. Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. (Food)
  11. Drew Industries, Inc. (Motor Vehicle Parts)
  12. Northern Tier Energy Inc. (Petroleum and Coal Products)
  13. Select Comfort Corp. (Furniture and Fixtures)
  14. Nike, Inc. (Apparel)
  15. Clorox Co. (Chemicals)
  16. Altria Group, Inc. (Tobacco)
  17. Lennox International, Inc. (Electrical Equipment and Appliances)
  18. Mettler-Toledo International, Inc. (Instruments)
  19. Graco, Inc. (Machinery)
  20. Westlake Chemical Corp. (Chemicals)
  21. NewMarket Corp. (Chemicals)
  22. Gentex Corp. (Motor Vehicle Parts)
  23. Hershey Co. (Food)
  24. Wabash National Corp. (Motor Vehicles)
  25. Rockwell Animation, Inc. (Electric Equipment and Appliances)

Other companies that manufacture in the US, include: Bath & Body Works, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Calvin Klein, Celestial Seasonings Tea, L.L. Bean and so much more. You can visit the USA Love List for more information to make sure you use companies manufacture in the USA.
These companies all know that manufacturing in the US has benefits.

They realize that companies that manufacture in the USA create middle class jobs. They also usually have health insurance and give their employees some dignity. Companies that manufacture in the USA can help people bootstrap out of poverty. Many of these jobs don’t require a four-year degree, which can be very expensive and out of reach for some. With manufacturing jobs, people can have a home and own a car and have the amenities they need to be successful. It’s good for America. It’s good for the economy, and it’s good for U.S. citizens.

Companies that manufacture in the USA create wealth for our nation. Why? Buying imported goods and consuming imported products makes a country poorer. Creating products that sell all over the world makes the US stronger because we get more hard cash. This makes us economically stronger. Companies that manufacture in the US understand this.

Finally, companies that manufacture in the USA keep us from relying on our enemies for goods during wars. When we find ourselves in a conflict, we may find that the opposing country won’t export their goods to us. If we rely on them for sustenance or for vital parts or information, we could find ourselves in a bind. The more companies that manufacture in the USA, the better and safer our country is.

We hope that when you shop, you make a point to shop American made. Now that you have a partial list of companies that manufacture in the USA, you can make some educated choices about what you buy and help improve our economy and strength. As always, we encourage you to look over our website at http://www.keepusgreat.co/ for more articles on how to keep America great. We love to share our love of this great nation with you.