Russia, Obama, and Hillary.   This could be the title for a good novel or a scandal or both.

What has happened to the Democrats crying that the election was rigged by the Russians?  Well, it has backfired.  Now it looks as if the DNC was busy in the background trying to set up the Trump campaign with meetings with prominent Russians the DNC was paying.  Who was really colluding with the Russians?

Why didn’t Obama start some kind of investigation into the Russian issue when he found out about it?  Well I believe he knew about it the whole time and who was running the show.  How could he call for an investigation on the DNC?

The Democrats have Hillary with an illegal private server with top secret information that everyone knows was hacked by God knows who.  Then we have Houma Aberdeen forwarding some of these emails to her home computer and these emails are then synchronized with her husband’s computer.  So while he is sexting he is also getting sensitive government email.

The DNC computers are hacked and they refuse to cooperate with the investigation, I wonder why?

If you look at all the above twists and turns there’s probably enough material there for a soap opera or maybe a crime series.

I say it’s time to move on with the country’s business.   Send Mueller home or let him investigate the DNC and see what names pop up.  If that is announced, watch the roaches run for cover.  Of course by now the DNC server’s hard drives have been wiped clean with one of Hillary’s towels.