Climate change in the downward spiral of America.  I really feel sad writing this but I feel I owe it to some people who can actually read and comprehend a message.

Our democracy is dying right before our eyes.  Corruption in our government is rampant no matter where you look.  Our elected officials don’t care what the people want they only care about what their big donors and lobbyist desire.

I have to ask you a question.  In this last “stimulus” bill did you observe how much money was sent overseas for some very random causes?  The question is, “How much of that money was returned to lawmakers in the form of contributions or to their shadow corporations?”  We will never know because these very same lawmakers write the laws and create their own loopholes that we will never discover.  It is disgusting and it continues.

Biden and the socialists are rushing back to globalism.  I fail to understand why we really believe that by sacrificing our successfulness we will be better accepted on the world stage.  This is simply ignorant and naïve.

Of course we are the envy of the world because we are one of the youngest countries of the civilized world and we enjoy a standard of living that far outpaces countries that have been in existence for thousands of years.  They despise our success.  They want us to feel guilty of our success.

We are rushing back into the Paris Climate Accords that will only hurt average Americans while doing nothing to countries that pollute the most, India and China.  Why do we believe that hurting our manufacturing ability, raising all energy costs, and losing valuable American jobs will incentivize other countries to lower their emissions?  Guess what, we are already doing more than most countries with pollution controls.  We have been for over 30 years, but you never hear about that.  So stupid.

John Kerry who has zero character is saying we must act swiftly to stop a climate emergency.  Let me give you a clue, nothing happens quickly in the world’s climate.  Nothing.  People are so easily manipulated mainly because they have such limited knowledge and they don’t take the time to really get a good grip on any subject.  They watch a YouTube video or some headline on social media and whammo they have a stance on climate change.  Politicians thrive on this.  They use this mainly to enrich themselves and their cohorts who have big investments or are about to have big investments into whatever they are peddling to stop climate change.  If you think this not about money; you better think again.

If you have read this far then maybe you will finish this.  Let me give you some perspective.  The earth has been around about 4 billion years.  We have been recording accurate climate data for less than 50 years.  My point is we cannot define change in 50 years out of 4 billion.  Has mankind increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere since burning fossil fuels?  Yes no doubt.  Do we know the long term effects of this?  No we don’t, we have theories, and hypothesis but no one really knows.  Clearly it is another variable in the climate that was not there in the quantities as it is now, but its impact is still in question.  Do we need to try and lessen this variable?  Sure, if we can we should, but at what cost and what are you willing to pay?  That is the ultimate question.

The bottom line is that right now renewable energy sources cannot replace fossil fuels and the energy they produce.  Relying on renewable energy alone will not allow us to maintain our current standard of living.  Politicians hate facts but that is a fact.  So back to the question, do you want rolling blackouts to become the norm?  Do you want higher fuel costs and limited amounts of it?  Do you want colder homes in the winter and warmer homes in the summer?  The fact is that energy touches our lives in thousands of ways and if there is less of it, you will have less.

The quest for renewable energy is a noble one and should be pursued but in my humble opinion this quest must not cause America to take steps back from where we are now.  No other country on earth is going to do this so why should we?  So as in most cases, follow the money, and you will discover the true motivation for the proposed remedy for climate change, real or not.