The liberal press seems to never give up on trying to spin anti-American behavior having no effect on declining ratings associated with the NFL.

Now the press is saying the reason for the decline is that there are too many games.  The various networks are saturated with NFL football.  What the press is leaving out is that the reason there are more games is that was one of the answers the NFL arrived at due to declining ratings last year.  Their thought was that if they played more potentially challenging games in more markets this would increase ratings.

They also made other changes to speed the game up and have fewer commercial interruptions.

So now, the NFL has to evaluate whether the changes they made are not working or are the anthem protests having a negative impact.

The press is trying to say that the anthem protests are a non-issue.

Of course many of us with an active cerebral hemisphere understand that the press is not reliable, not factual, and is also un-American.

So let’s just look at this from a business prospective.  The NFL audience has been declining for two to three years now.  The NFL made some pretty big changes to try and stop the decline this year and yet the decline continues.  Do you think this is the right time to disrespect the national anthem and all those people who were injured and died to defend it?  Do you think it is smart to tell the fans to go to hell and that you don’t care how they feel about it?

Well, you certainly have a right to do that; but Not For Long NFL.